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Netflix Signs Huge Deal with Famous Movie Director

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Netflix has been at the forefront of movie streaming services for a few years now – and they don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Netflix has now signed an agreement with famous movie director Matt Reeves, who directed the likes of Cloverfield and War for the Planet of the Apes. It’s a deal that suits both parties down to the ground but more importantly, it means more action-packed movies for the typical Netflix subscriber.

How Will Netflix Benefit from Such an Agreement?

The agreement means Netflix will get first dibs on any of the movies Reeves produces. Reeves had the same agreement with Fox but both parties decided to part ways last year. So not only will the biggest movie streaming service in the world benefit from their own movies starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but they’ll also get their hands on some of the biggest films before anyone else. It’s one of the most lucrative deals that Netflix has signed since they began trading, especially in terms of the quality of films they’ll now have in their directory.

Matt Reeves is a Fantastic Storyteller

One of the reasons Netflix wanted Reeves was purely because he’s produced some wicked movies in the past. However, it’s not just his previous movies that were the key to their decision, it was also the fact he’s a brilliant storyteller with some cracking ideas in the pipeline. In 2018 alone, Matt already has The Batman coming to screens near you – which he co-produced with Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns. Reeves has also announced he’ll be producing The Care and Feeding of the Black Hole – so there’s something for everyone who’s already on the Netflix books. Although such movies are already signed by Warner Bros and the like, Netflix will still be excited about what lies beyond such movies, especially with Reeves’ storytelling capabilities. You can look at Netflix Guides for more information on what’s to come.

How Big is This Deal for Netflix?

The gory details of the deal remain undisclosed. However, it’s definitely going to cost an arm and a leg for Netflix to have Reeves on their books. With that being said, this is a massive deal for Netflix because it means they’re getting an A-list director to help them move forward in an industry that’s set to become a lot more competitive over the next few years. The deal means Netflix have an advantage over movie streaming companies thanks to the better movies and programmes they’ll have in their directory.

Will the Netflix and Reeves partnership work out handsomely? Or will it ultimately prove to be a waste of resources? One thing’s for certain with this deal – Netflix will have the first option on all of Reeve’s next movies and that’s definitely something that’s going to keep the subscribers happy. The agreement has already been signed but it’s looking likely movie and Netflix fans around the world will have to wait until later on in the year before Reeves releases one of his ideas.

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