OnePlus One CM12S Update Rollout Reportedly Resumed With ‘Ok OnePlus’ Feature



OnePlus earlier this week halted the Cyanogen OS 12 rollout in order to include the missing ‘Ok OnePlus’ feature. Users now report the update has begun rolling out again with the feature, as promised by the OnePlus Co-Founder Pei on Monday.

While the firm is yet to announce the seeding of CM12S with the new feature, according to some users, the update with build number YNG1TAS17L is already reaching out to OnePlus One handsets. The update is 584MB in size.

The OnePlus forum member named makhil2008 on Thursday posted two images stating the build number and that the CM12S now comes with ‘Ok OnePlus’ feature. While the first image shows the ‘Update Available’ page, the second image shows a section named ‘Train Your Voice’. The Train Your Voice section, as per the image will train the OnePlus One handset to recognize the user’s voice. It adds that to train, users would need a quiet place for the process. It adds that to train, users would need a quiet place for the process. The user has also provided a link to the signed-OTA update.

Notably, the ‘Ok OnePlus’ was due to be released as far back as June last year. The ‘Ok OnePlus’ feature is meant to work the same as the ‘Ok Google’ hotword detection feature, however, also brings lock screen or off-screen detection of the hotword. The ‘Ok Google’ off-screen hotword detection feature has been promised by Cyanogen for a while, and was expected to be made available with CM12S – but wasn’t, much to the chagrin of users.

Cyanogen is speculated to be working on another update for CM12S to fix a Google Play services ‘wakelock’ issue causing battery drain.

The company on Monday also announced that the ‘2014 flagship killer’ smartphone, the OnePlus One, would now be available without invites ‘forever



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