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Planning an Overseas Trip? Capture Great Moments with These Low-Cost Cameras

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Every smartphone has a camera these days. The average person may not see the purpose of purchasing a stand-alone device to take photos, but a dedicated camera can offer superior image quality and control that a phone camera can never provide. The ubiquitous nature of phone cameras has also helped drive competition in the compact camera market, to the benefit of consumers that crave more features for less.

Smartphone camera apps can be frustrating to use and lacking in basic features found on many modern digital cameras. You’ll capture more moments with a well-designed gadget.

Here are some cameras to consider for your big trip.

Sony DSC-W800

For under $100, you’re going to have a hard time finding a better camera. This compact gadget has big features, such as a 5x optical zoom and a 20-megapixel image sensor. The Sony DSC-W800 is commonly found when searching for Camera Reviews 2018. At only $84, you can afford to be more cavalier with this camera than you would be with your phone.

Sony has been in the camera game for a long time: this has given them an edge on features and ease of use. This camera is equipped with an easy shoot mode to simplify some of the menus, so you can focus more on snapping photos.

Polaroid Snap

Those who have been around for awhile may remember the original Polaroid cameras from their youth; they’re such a symbol that they are even featured in modern media and iconography. Having an instant photo in-hand just a few moments after it was taken is a unique novelty that hasn’t completely lost its appeal.

The Polaroid Snap is a modern way to make new memories and relive the nostalgia for less than $100. This camera has a simple interface to make it easy for anyone to pick up and use. Your photos are printed on a 2 x 3-inch piece of Zero Ink paper instantly and stored digitally for backup. This fun little camera can really make your trip memorable.

Nikon Coolpix L840

If you’re a little more serious than the average person about their photos, consider spending a little extra to get a superior device. The Nikon Coolpix L840 has a lot of value for its relatively low $188 price point. For a little more money, you get an easy-to-use camera with good battery life and an amazing 38x optical zoom that comes standard.

For low light situations, the Coolpix L840 features a popup flash to avoid the lens obscuring the light when the lens is fully extended. Keeping up with a wire to transfer photos to your backup device isn’t needed either, as this camera features Wi-Fi functionality. It’s hard to find another package that beats this Nikon at under $200.

Fear of loss or damage to your phone could prevent you from getting the perfect shot. To take the best photos for an important once in a lifetime trip, consider carrying an inexpensive digital camera on your journey; you’re going to capture those moments in greater fidelity if you chose one of these options over your smartphone.

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