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Popular Temples of Udaipur

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Not all people are aware that Udaipur is also famous for its temples. These temples are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Most of these temples were built by the Kings of Mewar dynasty and showcase their brilliant taste of design and architecture. We have compiled a list of popular temples of Udaipur and their historical background.

Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple: It is a very famous temple of Udaipur and believed to be more than 350 years old. Situated near MohanlalSukhadia University, it houses a grand statue of Lord Ganesh which bestows its blessings to large number of devotees visiting every day. Devotees believe that whenever you are starting something new in your life like new business or a new relationship, it is auspicious to visit this temple and take blessing of Lord Ganesha. Wednesday is considered as the special day to worship Lord Ganesha and on that day number of visitors swell to thousands.

Karni Mata Temple:  Situated on top of Machhla Hills, this temple is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Visitors get panoramic view of Lake Pichhola, Sajjangarhand  DudhTalai from this temple. There is a sunset point built inside the temple which gives you stunning views. It can be reached via two routes, one is through the rope way starting from DudhTalai and the second one is through the stairs that starts from DeendayalUpadhyay Park. Maharana Karan Singh built this temple between 1620 and 1628.  It is maintained by ManshapurnaKarni Mata Development Committee.

Jagdish Temple: It was built by MaharanaJagat Singh who was a staunch disciple of Lord JaganathPuri of Orissa. On one occasion he could not reach the Rathyatra on time and he decided to build the Jagannath Temple in Udaipur itself so that he could pray to Lord Jagannath in his own city. It was completed in 1651 and the architecture of the temple is inspired from Puri Temple.

EklingJi temple:  Built by the ruler of Mewar dynasty, KailashpuriBappa, this pious temple is situated 22 kilometers from Udaipur. It is believed that KailashpuriBappa discovered a Shivalingam inside a dense forest and he accepted it as a message by Lord Shiva to build a temple there. Eklingji Temple is visited by thousands of devotees every year. During the festival of MahaShivratri, the ambience of the temple gets filled with highest level of veneration and spirituality.

Neemach Mata: It is situated at a hill top near FatehSagar Lake and considered as Vaishno Mata of Udaipur. The name Neemach Mata was taken due to its origin, which was under a Neem tree. Devotees believe that those who visit the temple regularly and pray here will never get any skin ailments because of the strong spiritual effect of the Neem tree.

ShrinathJi temple: It is situated at Nathdwara, around 50 kilometers from Udaipur city, Built in the 17th century, it is considered as the gateway to Lord ShrinathJi.  It is believed that during that time Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb wanted to demolish the idol of Lord Krishna kept at Vrindavan. The idol was was transferred to the safe place at Nathdwara for some time. The temple was built at the very same spot where the idol was kept. You will find people of all castes and creeds thronging the temple for taking the blessings of Lord Shrinath.

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