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Private or Corporate Limo Services- What You Should Use?

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Nowadays limo hire services are more preferred over other taxi services because of their luxury, grandeur, comfort and cost-effective prices. There is nothing that can be compared with a limo hire service where a well dressed chauffeur arrives to pick you up and drop you to your destination and in the meantime you are enjoying your favorite drink or hanging out with your beloved, friends or wrapping up your work for the final presentation or discussing an important deal with potential clients while en route the city.

Not many people know that there are three different types of limousine hire service providers:

  1. The private operators who owns a limo and utilizes it to provide chauffeur driven services.
  2. Companies that are formed or basically a group of private individual operators who work together and operate under a specific brand name.
  3. Companies or corporate that own their own fleet of vehicles and have their own workforce, infrastructure, chauffeurs etc.

So when you opt for a limo hire service you will come across all the three kind of limo hire service provider. So which type of service provider you should incline towards? There are certain things that you have to consider while opting for the right limo service provider for yourself:

Rental Assumption:

We all assume that private individual limo providers have lower fares in comparison to big corporate transportation services as the individual operator has to keep on taking bookings even at half of the rental in order to generate profit. Big companies might have certain overheads that they include in their rentals but they can go out of the way to provide special services, discounts and extra hours on special occasions because they achieve certain economies of scale over the period of time.

Service terms and contingency

We all know fate can sometimes be mischievous and when it comes to limo hire service a superbly maintained limo can also sometimes put you in trouble and that clearly means that it cannot meet its commitment. So when you hire a private operator than it’s a big problem as he doesn’t have a pool of vehicle for emergency contingency provision like big corporate limo service providers have to cover the commitment.

Corporate responsibility and confidentiality:

Big corporate limo service providers are extremely selective in employing chauffeurs as they do a rigorous background check before handing over their expensive assets to them. Background check involves full history of total professional commitment and personal integrity. This aspect of the corporate limo service providers doesn’t seem to align perfectly with private individual limo service providers as they cannot enjoy the luxury of firing chauffeurs on the basis of their previous work history.

Personal cover

Like vehicle, chauffeurs too can be struck down and it can be illness at zero notice. So if you are dealing with a private single owner-chauffeur then you are more likely to experience a no-show. But if you are dealing with a corporate limo service provider like Elite Limo Houston you will never ever experience such a situation as they have the required backup.

Now you can self evaluate which service to opt under what circumstances. All limo service providers have their positives and negatives so it is advised to hire the service based on prior experience, frequency of your travel and your priorities.

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