Why Public Health Students Are Preparing for Zika Outbreaks

The University of Arizona and a lot of top universities with Public Health departments or majors are taking active steps towards preparing their students to deal with Zika outbreaks. The Zika virus has been causing a lot of problems worldwide, including over 300 cases of infection in the United States. The virus is also considered to be more dangerous due to the fact that it doesn’t always produce immediate symptoms. The only accurate way of detecting such cases is through a complete blood work.

Other facts about the Zika virus are also coming up to the surface. For starters, the virus can indeed be transmitted through sexual intercourse and is putting pregnant women and their fetuses in harm’s way. It is also important to note that couples who are planning to have a baby in the near future should avoid areas with active Zika transmissions.

More details about the Zika virus and the preparations made to deal with outbreaks can be found on the Targeting Zika: The Threat and Fight Against the Virus infographic, released by the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.
Infographic - Targeting Zika, The threat and fight against the virus

University of Arizona

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