Questions raised by teachers about the St. Stephen’s College interviewing policy


St Stephen's interviewing policy being questioned

The interviewing policy of the St. Stephen’s College is getting questioned by the teachers which includes only four candidates per seat. The teachers said that nearly all the candidates at St. Stephen’s, like the Delhi University candidates, apply for more than one subject. For instance, it is likely for a Science stream student to apply for all the Science streams and an Arts stream student to apply for Arts and Social Sciences. The teachers said that after every interview, the number of candidates that appear for the next one decreases.

A teacher said, “The faculty of management studies, for instance, also has very few seats but the number of candidates called for interview per seat is much higher,” She said, “The four-five candidates per seat are presented as an injunction by the court but that’s not true. This year, FMS called 10 for each of its 226 seats in the full-time management programme; last year, they’d called a dozen; and that’s for one programme. In the case of St. Stephen’s, the same pool of students will be eligible for interviews in multiple programmes.”

Another teacher told TOI, “Much the same set will be eligible for interview for economics, English, history and BA Programme. But the time interviews are held for history or BA Programme, many of the students will have opted out,” she said “Arts students apply for all arts subjects, science ones for all the sciences. If all cut-offs are similar, it’ll be the same set qualifying for all. Even 1% can make a difference and we can get some new faces in.”





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