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Reasons why you should start playing golf right away

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Golf has always been called the gentleman’s game. It is very popular all over the world and is the favorite of celebrities and famous personalities alike. When you can play golf, you instantly become popular with your circle of friends and you can be sure that you will always be invited to games and get togethers. Below are few reasons why you should start taking up this sport regularly.

Getting outdoors

Most people these days have no chance to venture out in thefresh air. Their work keeps them huddled in air-conditioned rooms all day long. In such cases, a few hours of playing golf give you a lot of health benefits. The greenery around, fresh air and the exercise is good mentally and physically. You can find many top class golf courses around your city on atthetee.com and pick the one that suits you.

Get social with peers

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed with peers and friends. A lot of great friendships have begun in golf courses that have lasted for a lifetime. If you are finding it difficult to blend in with office mates and your management, then a game of golf can change the atmosphere.

Workout sessions

A game of golf involves walking for several miles around the course and carrying and swinging your clubs. This increases the heart rate, gives you the much-needed exercise and keeps you healthy and happy. If you are not comfortable working out in gyms, playing a session of golf gives you equally good results. You can talk to your fitness instructor and switch over to golf sessions as a great exercise regime.


If you are finding it difficult to concentrate at theworkplace or are suffering from stress or depression, an excited game of golf is your answer. There are lots of researches that prove how mentally beneficial sports are. Make golf games a regular habit and you will love the difference it brings to your mind and concentration levels.

Risk-free playtime

Most people are worried about strenuous sports activities that can cause injuries. If you stay away from sports because of this, then golf is great to try out. There is very less physical stress involved and men, women and children can take this up as a hobby.

Great weekend past time

If all your weekends are boring with nothing to look forward to, then golf is the right solution. You can train under a professional or learn to play with friends and make it a weekend ritual. Golf is a sport you can enjoy with your family. You can also teach your kids techniques and strategies and get them involved.

Along with great exercise to your mind, body, and soul, wandering out in the sun gives you essential vitamin D that is important for your overall health. Make golf a part of your fitness regime and you will be awed at the improvement in your concentration, health, and social presence.

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