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How To Save Money On Food Shops

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If you are trying to save money, a big way to save those extra dollars is through reducing the amount you spend on food shops. Often, we cannot resist temptation and come out of supermarkets with more than we need. Below are a few simple and easy tricks to save on each future shop.

Go On Your Own

If you have children, shopping with them can make things a lot more difficult. This cannot always be avoided, but if possible, try and shop alone. If you find yourself rushing more and just throwing things in the trolley to try and ensure your children don’t get too bored, you can find yourself not looking at what you’re buying and missing out on great deals. You may also end up buying things for the children as a treat whilst walking around the supermarket.

Plan Meals

It can be hard to plan ahead as life can get in the way, but meal planning can make shops less expensive as you have the right ingredients in for your meals, and also means there is less temptation to eat out. Many of us have busy lives and may not have time to make a monthly meal plan, luckily there is a monthly meal planner online that can give you all the inspiration you need. Before you begin planning meals this is a great time to eat the food that has been in your cupboards and freezer for months, not only are you saving money but you will also make more room for your big shop.

Shop Online

Many times, we end up with more in our basket because we see things whilst walking around the supermarket that we cannot resist. Companies plan the layout of their shops like this on purpose, to sell stock and promote deals. Whilst sometimes you can find a good deal, often we come out of the supermarket with things we never intended to buy. Shopping online ensures that we stick to what we want to buy and don’t give in to this temptation.

Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

This is a well-known tip but many of us still do it. When we are hungry, everything can seem like a good idea and we end up with more in our trolley. Shopping when you are full means you are less likely to give into cravings you get when you are hungry.

Purchase Supermarket Own Brands

Whilst some brands you may prefer, often supermarket own brands can be just as good for a fraction of the price. This can save a lot of money in the long run especially with things such as cereal and tinned goods. Many products you buy will have a supermarket alternative, so next time you are shopping, check the shelves to see if you could be getting the same product for a lesser cost.

Next time you go to the store, see how much you can save by following these simple tips and perhaps save those extra dollars for a rainy day or for your next holiday; you’ll be surprised at how much it will add up.

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