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Selecting the Right Bathroom Countertops for your Bathroom

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Selecting the bathroom countertops you need can be a tricky situation – considering the variety of choices available at your fingertips today. Also considering the fact that bathroom countertops don’t need to be as strong as kitchen countertops (you won’t keep hot pans or use sharp knives), most bathroom countertops tend to focus on the aesthetic rather than brute strength. However, in the market today, most countertops tend to combine beauty with strength to give you the perfect countertop for you.

By designing your bathroom countertop, you’ll be able to specify your bathroom countertop needs (like space, strength, colour, aesthetic value etc.) along with matching it with the rest of your bathroom, to give it an added sense of visual pleasure.

Bathroom countertops are commonly made from materials that are both durable, and easy to clean (because bathroom countertops tend to have things spilled on, like cosmetic products, etc. so they’re relatively easier to clean and easier to remove stains off of them).

Some common materials that bathroom countertops are made of are:

Granite and marble countertops – these countertops give a rich, sleek look to the bathroom, and can handle heat and wear. Granite can also come in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose the perfect granite slab for your bathroom – in the colour you desire. . Granite countertops can also resist heat a large amount of heat (say, from a straightener or a curling iron). However, marble stains easily, and is not resistant to scratches, while granite resists most stains.

Quartz countertops – these are generally made of quartz, and are relatively cheaper than marble countertops – and have the added benefit of being easy to maintain as well. Another benefit is that the countertop, too, can handle large amounts of heat. Quartz is also naturally resistant to moisture and stains.

Laminate or concrete countertops – concrete countertops are extremely durable and eco-friendly, and can easily be styled. However, it does require a lot of maintenance because of its porous nature. Laminate countertops are easily affordable, water-resistant and easy to clean. The downside to laminate countertops is if any damage is done, the entire countertop needs to be replaced.

Solid surface and tiled countertops – solid surface countertops are made of acrylic resin and crushed stone- making them water-resistance and available in different colours and inlays. However, this can be damaged with intense heat. Tiled countertops give the air of being by the beach – and the pattern can be customized. The tiles are resistant to heat, stains, and moisture. One downside is that the tiles may crack, and can result in the countertop getting damaged.

No matter what countertop you’re looking for (or other bathroom fixings, accessories, etc.), Vinpow Bath Centre has a wide variety of bathroom fixtures and other bathroom accessories; granting you a wide array of choices in any and all of your bathroom needs – at very competitive rates, making sure you get your money’s worth for the product you choose to buy.

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