St Stephen’s cut-off for English courses


St Stephen's cut-off for English courses

Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College released its first cut-off list for admission to under-graduate courses on June 16, setting the bar at a whopping 99% for English (Honours), which has been the highest ever, till now. Economics (Honours) followed closely with a 98.50 percent.

The students can now access the separate lists for all courses on the college’s official website.

For admission into English courses, the students must have English as their main language in Class 12. If you’re a student opting for it, here is how much you need to study the course of your choice!

For the Commerce stream students:

General (Non-Christian): 99 percent
Scheduled Caste (Non-Christian): 97 percent
Scheduled Tribe (Non-Christian): 97 percent
COTH (Christian Others): 97 percent
CNI (Church of North India): 89 percent
CNID (CNI Delhi Diocese): 91 percent
CST (Christian Scheduled Tribe): 94 percent
CPwD (Christian, Person With Disability): 84 percent
PwD (Person With Disability): 96 percent
For students belonging to the Science stream:

General (Non-Christian): 97.25 percent
Scheduled Caste (Non-Christian): 95.75 percent
Scheduled Tribe (Non-Christian): 95.75 percent
COTH (Christian Others): 95.75 percent
CNI (Church of North India): 87.75 percent
CNID (CNI Delhi Diocese): 89.75 percent
CST (Christian Scheduled Tribe): 92.75 percent
CPwD (Christian, Person With Disability): 82.75 percent
PwD (Person With Disability): 94.75 percent


The students who opted for Humanities stream need the following score:

General (Non-Christian): 97.50 percent
Scheduled Caste (Non-Christian): 95.75 percent
Scheduled Tribe (Non-Christian): 95.50 percent
COTH (Christian Others): 95.50 percent
CNI (Church of North India): 87.50 percent
CNID (CNI Delhi Diocese): 89.50 percent
CST (Christian Scheduled Tribe): 92.50 percent
CPwD (Christian, Person With Disability): 82.50 percent
PwD (Person With Disability): 94.50 percent

The admission criteria followed by St. Stephens is not the same as the collective criteria set by Delhi University. The lists for separate each course is mentioned at

The list of selected candidates will also be released online in two days. The shortlisted candidates will have to appear for a 30-minute aptitude test and an interview round. The written test will be allotted a portion of 15 marks kept for the interview while 85 marks will be granted to the best of four secured by Class 12 students.






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