Swans announce “final album” with current lineup, to be crowd-funded by live album

Swans // Photo by Philip Cosores

Last night, Michael Gira took to Facebook for an important two-part announcement regarding the future of Swans.

The experimental rockers plan on putting out a new live album this year entitled The Gate. The money raised from that LP will go toward a proper studio release which they’ll begin recording in September. The studio full-length, which would be the follow-up to Swans’ To Be Kind, is described by Gira as “the final Swans album (and subsequent tour) for this version/iteration” of the band.

Read his full message below.

“Just got home comatose after finishing up the final leg of our 14 month tour for SwansTo Be Kind album. We have come to your town, though it’s doubtful we have partied down. It has been a privilege to be inside the sound that on some nights seems to create itself of its own accord, and it’s gratifying that many of you have conveyed to us that it’s been a positive experience for you too … Next step: Sept 1 we commence a new Swans album. This will be the final Swans album (and subsequent tour) for this version / iteration of Swans. Not really sure what the next step will be after that, but that’s perhaps a good thing … We’ll be making a live album/fundraiser (called The Gate) soon, in order to raise the necessary — somewhat daunting — capital for the studio album, which is bound to be an insatiable beast … more soon, Thanks and Love! – Michael Gira”

Aside from the reissue of their debut album, Filth, Swans have remained out of the spotlight for most of 2015.


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