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Three Ways a Montessori Education Is Different

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The Montessori method still hasn’t entered mainstream education. However, it has gained a lot of enthusiasm, over the 100+ years of its use. Although it may seem like anew, alternative method, Montessori schooling began in the early 20th century. Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian woman, wanted to teach the poor children in her town more effectively. For parents seeking the best possible education for their kids, it’s a good idea to learn the differences between Montessori and other schools:

1. Various ages, learning together – Most classrooms are separated by age. Eight-year-olds never play with seven-year-olds. However, Montessori schools find that children learn better in mixed age groups. The focus is on individual learning, always, instead of rigid expectations, based on age.

2. Education is more than test scores – At Montessori schools, each lesson is focused on learning new things, and not on passing a test. When you assess each of your child’s options, pay atten-tion to the individual schools’ focus and policies. Are the children really enthusiastic about learn-ing, or are they stressed-out over mandatory testing? Studies regularly show that engaged, inter-ested students learn far better.

3. Children learn to value community – Students at Montessori schools learn to work together. By emphasizing the importance of community, teachers encourage values like sharing and col-laboration. As you assess a child care centre in Wentworthville, you’re likely to notice the differ-ence between competitive and supportive learning environments.

The Montessori system has had plenty of time for psychologists and educators to weigh its bene-fits. The overwhelming majority support the Montessori method. For parents researching where to send their children, it’s advisable to at least learn the differences between Montessori and oth-er approaches.

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