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Top 10 Famous Business Cards Designs

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Many say that your website is like a digital business card for you or your business. That should be all the more reason to really work on your WordPress site and set it up with a reliable WordPress hosting solution. But don’t just think about your website design and WordPress hosting, your actual business card does make an impact. While having a great business card design won’t guarantee your success, here are some of the most famous ones with many of them belonging to well known public figures.

1. Barack Obama

Leave it to the former President of the United States to come up with a classy business card design. His name centers the design and the card uses a golden American eagle emblem on the left hand side. What’s really interesting is the fact that he had four different office addresses and put the last two locations on the back. Talk about a hard-working man.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s business card is very reflective of the old school finance world. It features the classic gold lettering and uses a gold symbol on the upper left hand side. In this example, the center top of the card shows his signature. It’s unclear if the actual design features the signature or if it was an autographed copy of his business card.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

If you’ve watched “The Social Network” you know Mark Zuckerberg’s character wasn’t exactly known for his sense of humor. This card design has the famous Facebook blue stripe in its design but it’s the statement on the card that will make you chuckle. It shows that the founder of Facebook doesn’t take everything so seriously after all. It’s a simple design that works but it is highly recommended that you don’t copy this approach.

4. Abraham Lincoln

This business card is what the famous Abraham Lincoln used when he practiced as an attorney. It’s fascinating how typography was used in business cards even back then. The card features four different fonts that are all in different sizes. In the second row under his name, the words “Attorney and Counselor at Law” all feature a special, stylish lettering in the beginning of each capital for a dramatic effect.

5. Andy Warhol

American artist Andy Warhol was known for his unique style called pop art. His style is also reflected in his business card. It is a hand rendered type which is something that’s used quite often in today’s web design world. According to the article, the handwriting was actually from his mother Julia Warhol. Aside from its beautiful design, the card proves that talent really does run in families.

6. Harry Houdini

How would you design your business card if you were one of the world’s most famous magicians that ever lived? This example answers this question perfectly. It’s shaped as a triangle which is reminiscent of the occult. The design has a rustic feel to it almost like a hidden treasure you’d find in an attic. It also does a great job in adding mystique and intrigue to his name.

7. Bill Gates

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was started in New Mexico. This business card has a retro late 70’s and early 80’s design that is kind of reflective of the New Mexico’s scenery. The logo is also very in line with the styles that technology companies used back then. Just take a look at Atari’s old logo and you’ll understand how in sync Microsoft’s logo was with the trend back then.

8. Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones was an artist known for his work on the Looney Tunes cartoons with Warner Bros. His business card does an amazing job in communicating his profession as an animator and artist. The famous Road Runner character is shown coming in from the background and dashing straight ahead. His handwritten name is also a very nice touch as the style really characterizes who he is.

9. Larry Page of Google

Looking at the business card of logo is a great lesson on how Google’s logo evolved to what it is today. The company has kept its signature colors and got rid of the exclamation mark. Then they got rid of the serif, made the colors bolder and made the font slimmer. The finished product is a vibrant, sleek and modern logo that pays homage to its roots through the signature colors.

10. Steve Martin

Funny man Steve Martin adds a humorous touch to his business card if you can even call it that. The legends say that when fans came up to ask him for his autograph, he would give them this card instead which made the whole process efficient. The card opens with a great joke and features his signature on the bottom right.

Those are 10 famous business card designs that you can learn from. Many of the business card designs are reflective of the times but you can still take away some of the fundamental design ideas used like handwritten typography to come up with a modern business card design that reflects who you are.

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