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Top 4 Music Award Ceremonies You Should Attend At Least Once

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Anyone who enjoys traveling and attending new events has probably at least considered going to a popular award ceremony. After all, it gives you the chance to be in the same building with a bunch of stars and witness them deliver their acceptance speeches in-person. Unfortunately, not all award ceremonies are for the general public and finding seats at many of these shows can be nearly impossible unless you’re a member of the media or a celebrity. Luckily, that’s not always the case because there are plenty of great music award shows you can attend simply by purchasing tickets, including but not limited to the following four:

1. MTV Video Music Awards

Voting on and watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is always fun, especially when you’re there to see your favorite artists and producers in the flesh. Last year, The Monitor Daily was one of the first blogs to announce the opening of the VMA voting process. Although purchasing tickets ahead of time is always preferable, sometimes you can find discounted or free seats by playing the role of a seat filler. These seats become available when the venue doesn’t sell out naturally, as the producers tend to want the place packed for the value of the televised show.

2. American Music Awards

With a long-standing history stretching back to 1973, the American Music Awards (AMAs) has become one of the most popular music award ceremonies in existence.  The ceremony was originally founded to give the people more of a voice when it comes to awarding artists – differing from the conventional panel-based Recording Academy voting approach taken by the Grammy’s – so it makes sense that fans and the general public can easily attend this event.

3. iHeartRadio Music Awards

Although this is a less prestigious award ceremony compared to the two aforementioned options, iHeartRadio has done a great job of making their event enjoyable and easily accessible for everyone. The fact that it takes place in sunny Southern California every year around March also makes it an ideal trip destination for a number of other reasons. iHeartRadio is known for holding other events in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Universal City, so attending their music awards is a good way to get the scoop on those events as well.

4. Teen Choice Awards

Younger travelers may want to consider attending the Teen Choice Awards for a more youth-based award ceremony that focuses on the upcoming generation of musical artists. Of course, parents are welcome too, and becoming part of the on-screen audience can be a memorable centerpiece for any family vacation. Plus, many of the teen musicians that attend these awards are down to earth and are available for autograph signings after the show.

Attending Other Nearby Concerts and Events

While you’re in the area for the award ceremony, why not check to see if there will be any other concerts or special events in the region during your visit? Many times, bands and promoters will flock to the locations of award ceremonies and schedule discounted or free shows in close proximity to draw larger crowds.

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