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Top 7 Careers to Explore with a Masters in Finance Degree

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If you are working within any branch of the financial sector, you may be entertaining the thought of getting a master in finance online degree. You have been told that an advanced degree will open more doors to you, but what can an MSF degree from a school like Northeastern University really do for you? What career options are open and what types of jobs would be open to you? Here are the top seven careers you could explore once you have that online finance degree in finance in hand.

1. Investment Banker

Not only can an investment banker advise businesses and private individuals where best to place their investment capital, but they are important to government as well. This is one lucrative end of the sector if you are looking to earn more than a six figure income.

2. Commercial Banker

From accounting to auditing and securities, a commercial banker is just what it sounds like. This branch of the financial sector deals with corporate concerns and a finance degree is the minimum of what you’d need for even an entry level position in this job. A lower degree may get your foot in the door, but you’d be a clerk or assistant at best until you hold that MSF.

3. Money Manager

Money managers are typically those who hold bonds, stocks and securities for corporations or institutional concerns. They manage a portfolio.

4. Financial Planner

Unfortunately, too many people don’t consult with financial planners early enough in their lifetimes. A financial planner helps them discover the best ways to plan for their financial futures and often the ‘safest’ investments needed to accrue over a longer period of time. If you go into this career, learn to canvas younger people so they have an opportunity to really grow their investments safely and over time.

5. Corporate Finance

This is an exciting field because those in corporate finance are the wheelers and dealers behind a business. These are the professionals who find money needed for everyday operations, for expansion, for investments and sometimes even to meet payroll!

6. Insurance

There are many tiers within the insurance industry that include such things as insurance agents, actuaries or even asset managers. Those with a master’s in finance are typically upper management within this field and they are the ones who assess risk and analyze where clients can best allocate funds to mitigate future risk.

7. Real Estate

Then there is real estate! Imagine what you could do with an online masters in finance. If you built a real estate empire big enough you might even be able to run for president of the United States like Donald J. Trump! From being an agent to a broker to a developer, real estate is one industry that can make you or break you and one that needs careful market scrutiny if you are to hold on to your earnings over time. A masters in finance can help you learn to read the market so you won’t be the victim of losses.

These are the top seven careers to explore with a master’s in finance and if you are looking for a career where the sky is the limit in earning potential, these would be the careers to start with.

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