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Top Five Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

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Classrooms look much different than they did a decade back. It has transformed all spheres of our lives. Digital whiteboards have replaced traditional chalkboards and classrooms have a surplus of iPads. Now, you may wonder if this advancement is detrimental to a student’s learning ability or an improvement. According to recent research, 92% of teachers admitted that the internet impacted their ability to access resources and materials. Below, we shall look at a few ways of how educational technology enhances the classroom experience.

1.   Combines Various Learning Styles

Each child in a classroom is different, and it isn’t easy to accommodate your learning plan to fit every student. Fortunately, with the help of technology, you can adjust lessons. For example, a kid who is enthusiastic about drawing and would want to draw during the entire class can now create an infographic to show his/her capacities and understanding of the content.

2.   Prepares Children for the Future

Using technology in classrooms qualifies students for a digital future. You are only setting up your students for success by teaching them skills such as Microsoft Office. Using instructional design in the classroom at a young age can help students prepare for future digital demands.

3.   More Engaged Environment

Many of us consider technology to be a distraction, but it stimulates active participation in the classroom. Using devices such as a computer or tablet in the classroom can help turn dull subjects into interactive and fun activities.

4.   Enhanced Collaboration

Teachers have seen an improved frequency of students helping each other when they are using technology. Many technological-based tasks lead to situations where students seek help from their peers or the teacher. Also, any doubts and questions such as “What is Magnetic Field?” that a student would encounter while studying, can be cleared immediately in Q&A forums, where teachers and peers are active participants.

5.   Better Connection

Technology helps students form a more satisfying relationship with their peers and teachers.  84% of teachers admitted  that the use of the internet at least once a week to discover content that would keep the students engaged. Blending technology into lesson plans as well as using it to expand knowledge of subject matter can make a significant difference in the classroom.

Technology will continue to grow, and it’s important to modify classroom style to adjust with its improvements. Ryan Greene, an MS in Instructional Design and Technology graduate,  suggests some advice to fellow teachers: “Take the risk. Try something new. You never really know how effective a tool or approach will be until you try it. Using technology in your classroom also encourages critical thinking skills. Just dive in.”

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