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Top Paying Side Hustle Gigs You Can Start This Year

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Working towards financial freedom means having multiple streams of income.  You don’t want to waste your precious time on low-paying side hustle options.  Here are the most lucrative side hustles you can get started with this year.

Notary Public

Notaries verify documents and validate signatures.  They are in high demand and can charge between $25-75 per signature. Often, notarizing a document takes less than 30 minutes and can have multiple required signatures.  When starting out, offer your services as a mobile notary.  People pay for convenience so you can start earning higher commissions right away.  Market your services well and you’ll soon be earning hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of simple work.

Pet Sitting

If you are an animal lover, pet sitting is the perfect side hustle for you.  You get paid to spend time with a furry friend which hardly seems like work.  You’ll stay in the owner’s home, giving the pet a sense of normalcy and security and you can take home around $50 per night of sitting. Plus,  It’s easy to work around your day job.  Try to make sure you are available during weekends and holidays. The increase in demand can almost double your earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

You can get paid for recommending products you love. Thanks to the rise of social media influencers, more people are purchasing items based on recommendations from social media accounts. Use your personalized link to recommend products and earn a commission every time someone purchases from them.  If you aren’t sure where to get started, think about the products you use every day that you can’t live without.  Then check if you can sign up for their affiliate program.

Many side hustles are quick to start but slow to offer significant income.  Choose your side hustle wisely to generate the most income from the least amount of work.

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