Travelling to new places is as rejuvenating as it is mind blowing. When you travel, you want to capture the moments and experiences in camera so you can reminisce about them in the future. That’s how lifetime memories are created.

With advent of camera phones, quite a number of travelers make the mistake of thinking they no longer need professional cameras. Smartphone camera have significantly improved over the years but they still don’t offer the level of picture quality, camera control and editing that a professional camera offers.

If you want to really do justice to you travel memories, then a professional camera should be among the top items in your packing list as you prepare to travel.

Below are travel photography tips for the highest quality pictures.

Understand your cameras and accessories

Having the right camera with appropriate accessories is essential in taking the clearest pictures during your travels. A DLSR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera offers professional-level pictures if you know how to handle it but a mirrorless camera can also suffice. Visit Sigma Rumors on different cameras and their lenses.

Choosing the right lenses is important especially since you are likely to be shooting while in motion and taking pictures of animals and features from a distance. This is where telephoto lenses find their importance.

The length of the lenses depend on the object you want to shoot. For instance, for large features such as monuments and animals, you can use a 300mm.

Camera stability                                                                                         

With huge lenses, you will find it uncomfortable to support the camera on your hands or shoulders for long. So consider purchasing a foldable tripod stand with your camera if you still expect to take quality pictures.

Teleconverters, although they slightly lower image resolution, are a good substitute for heavy lenses and also have the advantage of increasing the reach of your lenses.

Tell a Story

Instead of taking isolated pictures, shoot with the aim of telling the story of your travels. This is a better way to take photos than simple selfies and landscapes.

The same applies to taking animal and food pictures. You want to capture the best angles but in a manner that still makes sense to your travel story.

Taking photos with a story in mind will significantly improve the quality of your pictures.

Be creative

Everyone can take photos using a camera but only a few can take the best pictures, and it all boils down to your creativity. While the manual is good text in learning how to best use the camera and even some its hidden features, it’s you creativity that will make your travel pictures stand out. Use your creativity to improve your travel photography.

Change the camera angles and alter the settings as you deem fit so every photo you take is always captivating. Shooting with a wider view gives prominence to the background of your subjects while shooting up and close puts the focuson the object of your attention. Focus on the faces of animals and people to draw attention to their personalities.

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