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Ways To Rock Your Admin Job Responsibilities

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You’re never just a secretary or assistant. You are an important cog in the workplace wheel; you keep everything running smoothly. There’s good reason to do your best. A top executive administrative assistant can make just under six figures, per the Occupational Employment Statistics from the Department of Labor. Here are some of the types of things you may have to do as a secretary or administrative assistant. 

Control Office Equipment

Much of your job will be moving papers around an office and keeping documents properly organized and filed. There’s a zen-like rhythm, you can find, doing repetitive work. It can actually be relaxing if you do the task with attention, detail and calm. Trouble-shooting office equipment problems will also be your job. Know all your vendor repair numbers and have them handy. For example, if your printer breaks down just before an important conference, you won’t stress if you are prepared and call a printer service Reston VA to help make your deadline.

Answer Calls and Emails

One responsibility you may have is to answer superiors’ phone lines and emails, in addition to your own. Master the art of diplomacy and mind your tone of voice. Be professional even with your own personal work email. An article on Heritage University’s website on email etiquette explains that emails are the personal property of the company and can be used in a court of law if there’s an investigation of the company. You don’t want personal emails on the company server.  

Manage Calendars and Schedules 

In addition to managing travel expenses and flight plans, you may have to coordinate meetings and events. Be sure to follow up and confirm plans with all vendors and venues.

Assisting others in an office can be extremely fulfilling if you like helping other people succeed. Do your best at each responsibility for a rewarding career. 


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