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What You Need To Know Taking Your Dog on a Flight

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Is Taking Your Pet on an Airplane Worth the Risk? | Travel | Smithsonian  Magazine

There is nothing better than having your best furry friend by your side when you travel, but flying with a pet can be a confusing process. Airlines rely on well-trained staff and hardware distributors to keep all passengers safe, including your pets. There are steps you can take to ensure the safety of your pet when flying, too. Here are some things you need to consider well in advance of your flight.

Schedule a Vet Visit

You should get your dog examined by a veterinarian a few weeks before your trip to ensure that the dog is healthy enough to travel. The airline you are using may need to see a record of this examination, along with proof of current vaccinations. Some dog breeds are not well-suited for flying, especially if they have a short nose that makes breathing more difficult. It is important to ask your vet about this if you have a boxer, pug, bulldog or another breed with a short nose.

Choose Your Booking Carefully

All airlines have their own policies about traveling with pets. If your dog’s crate cannot fit under an airline seat, the dog will probably need to be placed in a kennel in the cargo hold. You may be exempt from this requirement if your dog is an emotional support animal. There are usually limits to how many animals can be on a flight, so make sure that you book your flight as far in advance as possible.

Get Fido Ready To Fly

You will want to prevent your dog from having accidents during the flight, so make sure that you only feed the dog a small meal at least a few hours before the flight. Take your dog for a walk right before you get on the plane. Refrain from giving the dog treats before the flight to prevent your pet from getting nauseated. If your dog has too much energy when they get on the play, they will become even more stressed. Your dog should get rigorous exercise soon before you leave.

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