Wheelchair Accessible Hotels In London? How to Get Hotels at The Best Prices

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It has never been easier than it is right now to grab a great deal on a hotel around the world. The hotel trade has slowed in recent years thanks to more people taking advantage of sites such as AirBnb and that has meant that hotels have been forced to cut prices in order to attract more guests. If you are panning a holiday then ignore package deals and look to book your hotel separately for the best price. These rules go for all kinds of different specifications and location which you may have in mind so whether it is wheelchair accessible hotels in London or a luxury room in New York that you are looking for, here is how to get the best prices.


A great hack to use is to sign up to a rewards program with various hotel chains around the world. The larger company in particular, regularly have offers and deals on for members and you can usually collect points which you can use to bag great prices on your next trip. I have been joining these rewards programs for years and it is not a rarity to get a hotel room using points alone.

Call Directly

Avoid the 800 number and call the hotel directly for the best prices, especially if it is last minute. The hotel itself has far more manoeuvrability in their prices and if you call directly, you could get a great price for the room. Very often you will find a much higher price on the hotel website than calling directly so this should always be your first port of call.

Business Hotels

During the summer months business hotels struggle with clients and they very often slash their prices for guests. If you take a look at some of the hotel which are designed with business customers in mind, especially if traveling through the summer, then you can often get some excellent bargains on these high quality rooms.

Late Upgrade

If you make a point of checking in towards the end of the day then you may stand a pretty good chance of getting an upgrade. Checking in early will not help you get an upgrade as there is still many more hours in the day for people to make late bookings, by the end of the day however, hotels know that they must offer rooms to their clients and so an upgrade for either free, or a very low price, could be on the cards.

Price Drop Alerts

If you know which hotels you are looking at, you can sign up online to be alerted when the price drops. Often hotels will drop prices for a short time in the run up to a particular date, but these rooms often go fast before the price is put back to normal. Make sure that when you find the hotel which you want, that you sign up to be alerted when the price falls.

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