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Why technology is the way to reach Latinas

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Hispanic millennials on mobile devices


As more companies reach out to Latinas, one of the top online destinations for millennial women is launching a section that it hopes will resonate with the demographic.

“In our conversations with brands and advertisers, it is almost universally recognized that the Latina market is the fastest-growing market in the U.S., and it has great spending power and influence,” said Anna Fieler, executive vice president of marketing at Popsugar. “It’s a market that all brands want to reach.”

Popsugar officially unveiled PopSugar Latina on Monday, a mobile-first hub for the modern Latina woman. Fieler said it decided to add the section because Latinas represent more than 12 percent of its average unique U.S. site visitors monthly.

One in 4 millennials is Hispanic, according to global information services group Experian. Not only does that make them a worthwhile group to target for advertisers, but Hispanic millennials are more active on digital media than any other group, especially on social media and mobile device activity. Popsugar Latina has already found a sponsor:J.C. Penney.

The way to capture Hispanic millennial attention is to use technology, which is why many media companies are adding new digital experiences specifically for this market, said Marla Skiko, executive vice president and director of digital innovation at Starcom MediaVest Group’s multicultural division. While television still reigns supreme, Skiko pointed out that especially when it comes to Hispanic millennials, more marketers are searching for ways to complement their television advertising with online campaigns.

“We haven’t had a year where digital advertising spending toward the Hispanic market has been down,” Skiko said.

What’s encouraging even more marketers to reach out to Latinas more is that they no longer have to create bilingual campaigns. According to agency Sensis and ThinkNow Research’s The Hispanic Millennial Project, about 56 percent of Hispanic millennials were born in the U.S.—a trend Popsugar also noticed among its site visitors.

While Popsugar Latina will be targeted to the young Latina, it will be in English. Content will include topics like celebrity gossip, Hispanic recipes, fitness and fashion. Because it is mobile-friendly, items will be shorter, “stackable” content. And, although many of the stories will be bespoke for the section, it can also appear anywhere else on the Popsguar site.

“Our intent is to deliver the content in English, focusing on content for the Latina who considers herself to be 100 percent American and 100 percent Latina,” Fieler said. “It’s the second generation Latina for who English is a native language, but she’s still tied to her culture.”

Even television has been getting in on the digital action. Univision Deportes and Snapchat worked together to broadcast highlights from the April USA-Mexico soccer match on Snapchat. NBCUniversal has been experimenting with various new technologies to reach the Hispanic millennial.

“What is really important about the Hispanic millennial market is that they are very engaged consumers,” said Peter Blacker, executive vice president of digital media and emerging business at NBCUniversal. “They are very engaged consumers. They are also high tech consumers and high touch.”

For example, Blacker pointed out that NBCUniversal found that Hispanic millennials on average watched 34 more minutes of online video than non-Hispanic millennials, and were also five times more likely to share digital content than their counterparts.

NBCUniversal’s Double Action app creates a second screen experience on mobile that is concurrent with what is happening on television. During one episode of Telemundo’s telenovela El Señor de los Cielos, one of the main characters gets in a car chase. While linear TV viewers will see the hero in his car talking on his phone with the windows up, those who have downloaded the Double Action app will get a video call from the protagonist himself and hear the conversation.

It’s also experimenting with virtual reality through RAVE, or its real-time augmented virtual experience. The technology will help bring Hispanic millennials closer to the red carpets during top Industry events like the Latin Billboard Awards and Telemundo’s “Premios Tu Mundo” award show.

Both digital initiatives are open to for advertiser sponsorship.

“The advertising community has woken up to the importance of the millennial Latina woman,” Blacker said. “It’s a really unique situation in a good way. The audience is there online, and the content creators are willing to make content for them.”


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