Zebronics Blue Connect Gives Gadget The Power Of Bluetooth

Zebronics Blue Connect gives gadget the power of Bluetooth



Everyone wants to go wireless these days, and hence we are seeing a whole lot of action in this space. Luckily for us, the growth in demand has also brought down the prices of the Bluetooth-enabled devices from where they were few years back.

The only way to upgrade from wired-to-wireless was predominantly based on you upgrading to the ones which support the technology. But not anymore, as converting traditional to Bluetooth-optimized device has become more affordable with Zebronics Blue Connect.

Priced at just Rs 599 Blue connect comes with the power to convert all kinds of gadgets into Bluetooth avatar. Unlike the Logitech Bluetooth Adapter, which merely supports wired speakers, Blue Connect manages to expand its reach to car stereos and even headphone.

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Blue Connect is a square-shaped device which houses a microUSB port, 3.5 mm audio jack and features Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity that can be paired up to range of 10 meters. It’s got LED indicators and power switch as well to make for a convenient usage experience. There aren’t many devices that support multitude compatibility but Zebronics is here to change that, once and for all that too without costing too much.




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