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3 Ways to Treat Anxiety in Frequent Flyers

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You would think that anyone who is a frequent flyer would not be anxious every time a plane leaves the ground but some people never get over that fear of flying. They do it because their jobs require them to travel, but it never really gets easier. If you are someone who flies frequently and are unable to get over your anxiety, here are three ways to treat that anxiety. Try one or more to see which is right for you.

1. Treating Anxiety When Flying Isn’t the Underlying Cause

Sometimes it isn’t a fear of flying that is the root cause of anxiety, but other issues you are dealing with. Some people have mild to moderate claustrophobia while others have a fear of heights. Whether they are asked to step on a chair, look out the window of a skyscraper or fly cross-continent, once they are no longer touching the ground, they panic. Since you know that you will be required to fly regularly, it might be helpful to get counseling to help you understand and deal with your fears. Counseling is one of the ways to treat anxiety in frequent flyers.

2. Explore the Benefits of CBDs

There seems to be a huge amount of misunderstanding when it comes to CBD products. While the CBDs on the market today are extracted from hemp, people automatically seem to equate hemp with cannabis. They are of the same species, but CBD hemp like that grown and extracted by Cope CBD Company in Colorado is not psychoactive. It can relax the mind and body without getting you high. More and more doctors around the world are prescribing CBDs instead of tranquilizers with great success. It is legal to buy online and you don’t need to be afraid of getting stoned. It just won’t happen!

3. Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing Exercises

Have you ever been to a yoga class? It’s amazing just what centering exercises can do for your emotional state. If you don’t have a meditation group in your local area, you can find tons of videos on YouTube which will help you learn the art of centering through guided imagery and deep breathing exercises. A huge number of people with phobias have learned to overcome them by learning to reach their centers where they are literally separate from the influences of the outside world. You can use a mobile device on a plane and by letting the calming voice of the narrator fill your mind, you won’t even know the plane is ascending. It’s amazing once you’ve learned to let go of all the distractions around you.

So, there you have just three of the most effective ways to overcome your fear of flying. You know that you don’t have a choice but to get on that plane if you want to keep your job. It’s up to you to figure out the best way to deal with your anxieties. No matter what the cause, each of these three solutions will work. It’s up to you to find the one which works best for you.

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