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IFFCOYuva – Preparing Indian Youth for the Dynamic Job Market

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IFFCOYuva strives to end the irregularities that plague job opportunities for the youth of the country. It is a one-of-its- kind job portal with one objective in mind – providing proper employment opportunities to youth, especially the rural youth of India.

At the portal, job aspirants can easily browse through jobs in India and fill in job applications which they find suitable. The job vacancies can also be searched on IFFOYuva’s main website by creating a job search in India. This step can also be performed according to the city or country of your preference. Further, you can also search jobs by categories. For instance, you can select from categories, such as accountant, doctor, fitter, electrician, machinist, insurance, security, and management.

Be it jobs for fresher’s or for experienced candidates; a job aspirant can browse through the best jobs available online at IFFCOYuva. Besides this, IFFCOYuva offers free skill development training as well to the youth.

In essence, IFFCOYuva prepares the Indian youth for the dynamic job market. If you want to use the portal and prepare yourself for the ever-changing job market, here is what you should do:

  1. Become a Member

For registering with IFFCOYuva, open the IFFCOYuva portal and fill out basic details like name, city, date of birth, etc. After registering and becoming a member of IFFCOYuva, you can also upload your resume on the portal. You can choose between Hindi, English or Gujarati, with many more languages to follow in the future. Afterwards, you can easily login every time you plan to fill job applications online.

  1. Learn

A different proposition to other job portals in India, this platform provides a set of questions that you can attempt to enhance your learning. You can do this by logging into your IFFCOYuva account and clicking on the ‘learning’ section to select a field you want to learn for. This feature helps young aspirants prepare for the dynamic job market as the aspirant will be able to learn the current questions that will be asked when they appear for an interview in a particular field.

  1. Practice

You can have plenty of practice sessions after you are done with the learning section. All you need to do is select the ‘Practice’ section where you can attempt numerous tests based on different levels. The levels can be of a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for a particular job category. Practicing the questions will help you stay well-informed about the current questions that will be asked in a particular field, and help you gain certification by IFFCOYuva at a later stage.

  1. Get Certified

To further strengthen your ground for the dynamic job market, you can get yourself certified. You can log into your IFFCOYuva account and answer a series of tests dedicated to each type of category. After you choose a particular category, you will be asked to answer a fixed number of questions in an allotted time-frame so as to get certified. After the certification, you will be better prepared for job vacancies with an increased chance of getting job offers, especially in the leading companies.

IFFCOYuva, being different from other job posting sites, offers these features to young aspirants within the country to prepare them for the ever-changing job market as it prepares the candidates for what the field actually requires from them. Plus, everything is free of cost so you don’t have to worry about any expenses. You can do as much learning as you want and implement the knowledge you gained in bagging a job that you aspire to work in.

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