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5 Games That Add Fun to Weekend Kitty Party

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Weekends can be more fun with kitty parties. If you are planning to organise a kitty party at your home, you must know how to keep the guests entertained with the right choice of games. Only then will the party be successful. Here are 5 Games that you must include in your kitty party to make it fun and interesting:

Housie or Lotto

Everyone enjoys winning through luck. That is the reason why Housie or Lotto game is so popular. When you organise a kitty party in your locality, make sure you include Lotto as one of the games. This game is well liked by most people and that is why it makes sense to include the game. In this game, the players are each given their tickets on which numbers are arbitrarily written. Numbers between 1 to 99 are called by one person and the players strike off each number as those are called. There is a cash prize for top row, middle row, bottom row and a higher prize for full house.

Rummy Card Game                                      

If you are a group of rummy enthusiastic girls, it makes sense to include Indian rummy in your agenda for kitty party. Select the number of decks for the tournament based on the number of players playing the game.

As the organiser of the kitty party, you may decide the cash prizes for each winner of rummy tournament. A prize always raises the interest of the players. Include attractive prizes for better participation from the players.

Chinese Whisper

You may include this game in the agenda just for fun. In this game, the first player whispers something into the ears of the second player and this message is passed on till the end of the chain. The last player should speak the message loudly. Each preceding player in the chain is made to repeat the message they heard in an attempt to find out who was the first to pass the wrong message. The person who made the mistake first will have to perform some forfeit.


This is yet another popular fun game in the Bollywood loving India. The game can either be played between individuals or between teams. The first team starts with any song. The opponent team has to sing a song with the last letter from the first team’s song. The game is exciting and fun if you have many movie buff and song lovers playing with you.

Passing the Parcel

People of all ages enjoy this fun game. In this game, the individuals participating pass the parcel as long as the music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel has to perform the forfeit written on the outer cover of the parcel. This process continues till all the outer wrappers are disposed. The last player is the lucky winner. He gets the gift that was actually wrapped in the parcel.

You need to have a clear idea whether your guests will enjoy classic rummy, Antakshari or some other game and you must select the games for the kitty party accordingly if you wish to ensure fun.

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