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5 Preventive Measures to Take Before Setting Up a Horse Barn

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Special attention has to be paid to the situation of owning horses. No doubt these animals have a strong build but they need a lot of care and attention. Unlike many animals, they are required to be kept in specific areas called barns. Many years ago, bricks and cement were utilized in building barns but now steel sheets are used to build sheds for the horses.

Not only are the steel horsheds strong but they also give a classy look and feel to the barn. While it can withstand fire, rain, lightning, earthquakes and many other harmful elements, it is also very easy to install. However, the considerations of the weight of the animals and the space required for them to rest should go into manufacturing a barn. The horses can often get irritated with clumsy areas. While building a barn, separate enclosure should be kept for each animal. In order to keep the horses healthy, it is imperative that cleanliness and basic sanitation is maintained. However, the construction of barns for horses requires one to be mindful of certain preventive measures that that are required to create a safe environment for the animals.

This article will provide you with five preventive measures that you should take before setting up a horse barn. They are as follows:

  1. Easy Access – The area where the barn is being set up should be easily accessible. Wading through grass, mud and weed to reach the barn might prove to be hectic when it comes to getting the horses out and putting them back in their place. Another factor that makes it imperative for the barn area to allow easy access is that the horses have to be fed on time. Therefore, it should not be a difficulty to give them food and hay which has to done more than once in a day.
  2. Drainage – The premises must be minutely inspected before setting up a barn. Water logging may be a problem for barns built on lowlands and thus it may prove to be a difficult accommodation for horses. Barns built on higher grounds have a better chance of being drier and more comfortable and thus an area for barn should be chosen accordingly.
  3. Arrangement of utilities – Water and power supply is a basic requirement for all barns. Hence, barn should be built in an area that can provide easy access to water and power sources.
  4. Weather conditions – For people in colder areas requiring installation of a barn, it will be beneficial for them to install it in such a way that the barn has access to sunlight and is also not affected by the prevailing winds. For people in warmer areas looking for a place to install a barn, it is beneficial for them to look for an area which has shady trees that can protect the barn from direct heat.
  5. Surroundings – Many areas necessitates that prior permission be taken from local authorities to set up a barn or require that their neighbors be informed regarding their plans for building a barn. It is important that the people involved are comfortable in being around horses all the time.

Obviously, then the installation of a barn requires adequate planning keeping in mind relative inconveniences.

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