A “deep cleaning” service to help you reclaim your home

Housejoy is a complete service provider for all your cleaning services requirements including house cleaning services and carpet cleaning services. We are an aggregator who connects the consumer to a third party service provider to serve all you cleaning services requirements. We aim to provide a great cleaning experience to our consumers at an affordable price. To get a spotless cleaning experience avail cleaning services with us and choose from several options including house cleaning services and carpet cleaning services. With the number of health issues on the rise, cleanliness plays an important role. Since, termites and insect can be found even in smallest corners of the house, it becomes necessary to get your house cleaned and protect you and your family from various allergies and infections. For this to happen, we offer you the best cleaning services in town including house cleaning services and carpet cleaning services.

Our focus is to provide you with the best cleaning services in the area and hence we connect you to service providers with an expertise in house cleaning services and carpet cleaning services. The use of the latest technology and methods makes our services the best with an option to avail the services at the touch of a button. Our team of highly trained experts has the right set of skills and expertise to provide you with the right set of services. We offer a number of cleaning services which include:

  • Kitchen cleaning service which include sinks, filters, appliances and furniture.
  • Bathrooms including shower doors, tiles, sinks, flushes and cabinets
  • Room cleaning which includes Doors, Fans, Lights, bookshelves and furniture.
  • Carpet cleaning services

Since third party services are involved we make sure that a complete background check and verification is carried out for the responsible professionals. This is a mandatory step which is taken for your safety and security. After the background verification, the service providers are trained and certified to make sure that the services provided by them match the industry standards and live up to your expectations. Once this is done, we offer an inspection visit and then perform the home cleaning services or the carpet cleaning services. Our team takes care of all the necessary details and makes the process of cleaning services easy and hassle-free for you and your family. We offer a vast range of cleaning services and make through every part of the house which includes the sinks, cabinets and shelves in the kitchen to the showers, taps and tubs in the bathroom. Apart from this living room and bedroom furniture is take care of as well.

To avail all these cleaning services, all you have to do is book an appointment with all the details and our team will visit your property and perform the house cleaning services. Once the work is done and is satisfactory, you can pay the upfront amount without the inclusion of any hidden charges and in case there is any material cost, the same is to be paid to the service provider directly.

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