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A Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet – The Key to Storing Flammable Liquids Safely

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I am definitely sure that you not doubt the danger potential of flammable liquids! So now that you have any flammable liquid in your possession or vicinity, it is increasingly important for you to observe all special precautions to avoid any undesirable event. In such instances, cabinets for flammable liquid storage can help. You must have enough safe storage space for the flammable liquids before having them in your possession. You are not unaware of how most industrial fires break out due to flammable liquids.

While the flammable liquid cabinets are most definitely bulky, you may opt for those that come with stackable form. You can simply place these cabinets on top of your basic floor model safety cabinets. It will not only increase the storage capacity for flammable liquids but also be cost effective.

You will not have to spare a lot of floor space for these bulky cabinets and that is a plus. These stackable cabinets may infact be used on benches as well as counter tops. These cabinets not only utilize your space efficiently, but also provide safety from any hazards caused by those flammable liquids. Most flammable liquid storage cabinets come in two models which are either manual or the self closing once. They are made in very high quality standards since your safety stands first. You may thus be sure of removing all doubts about replacing you age old cabinets which have always prevented any undesired events despite of you storing flammable liquids in those. Moreover the small cabinets are no less safe than the ordinary sized ones, you can rest assured.

You must get the flammable storage cabinet from a reputed dealer to be sure of them meeting the safety specifications. It is infact a good idea to check on the OSHA 29 CFR and the Uniform Fire Code 79.202 regulations. Those will help you be sure of how efficient exactly are your flammable liquid safety cabinets. Check with the safety features. Ensure that they are built of 18 gauge steel construction and the doors, sides, top and bottom are all double walled. Mostly, there should be a desired gap of 1 1/2 inches between the walls. There must be vents with 2 inch threaded fittings which are all equipped with fire baffles and caps.

Certain superficial features which are important are that the cabinets should be finished in high gloss powder in safety yellow so that cleaning is easy and everybody remains warned of the hazardous nature of the stored substances. It must display red warning labels and have grounding attachments. The cabinet must also have 2 inch raised leak proof door seals and a 3 point key lock to avoid instances of unauthorized access.

You should be careful in your consideration of manual or self closing doors and whichever is your choice, make sure you make no compromise on the quality.

Now that you are decided onto the cabinet, put it to use right away, not just for efficient storage but also for your self safety.

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