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A Guide to Looking and Feeling Like an Entrepreneur

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Starting out as an entrepreneur can be incredibly daunting, and many people may have extreme cases of imposter syndrome or feel as if they are inadequate as a business leader. However, a large aspect of becoming an entrepreneur that everyone looks up to is to look and feel the part. Here are some top tips that can help you to get into your new role:

·      Wear Fragrance

Although you might not always have previously had time to indulge in wearing fragrances to work, wearing fragrances can do a lot for your image as an entrepreneur. For instance, scents are often reminiscent of a certain emotion and can trigger memories when they are breathed in. This can help to put your employees and clients at ease and allow them to associate you with positivity. Not only this, but fragrance can also make you a more confident person and can improve your mood, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand and to have energy throughout the day. Then, to ensure that you never run out of this staple of your beauty regime, you should invest in a perfume subscription as soon as possible.

·      Get Suits Fitted

You might have the most luxurious suit in the entirety of your office. However, if it fits you poorly, this will often give the opposite impression of the one that you want to present. So, to make sure that you look smart and professional at all times, you should get your suits fitted before you start wearing them to work, or you should consider getting these individually made for you if you can afford to.

·      Polish Your Shoes

One of the aspects of your outfit that you might often forget is your shoes. Your shoes can often diminish the impression that you make, especially if you walk or cycle to work. Then, you should ensure that these are polished every day and that you repair or replace these when they start to rip or get holes in them. This can prevent there being any cracks in your pristine appearance and can show that you take care of yourself.

·      Choose Classic Pieces

Rather than invest in extravagant or trendy outfits for your working days, you should instead invest in classic pieces that are often associated with entrepreneurs, such as blazers. However, there are a few cases that you might consider investing in a more exciting alternative. For instance, you might choose to tailor your outfit toward your target audience or the theme of your business. One example of this would be if you run a children’s toy store, which might encourage you to invest in colorful suits with bright patterns.

·      Act the Part

However, your outfit will do nothing to help you to feel like an entrepreneur unless you act like one. Then, you should consider acting the part by faking confidence until you feel it, by developing a strong handshake, and by thinking up conversation starters before you arrange meetings with important clients. You should also think about how you hold yourself and your posture.

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