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Americans are Finding Opportunity in China’s Booming Economy

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Since embarking on its market reforms on 1978, China has grown to be the world’s second largest economy. It is also ranked, by IMF, as the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity. Moreover, the country is credited with being the leading destination for expatriates, with over 600000 foreign nationals as at January 2015, 12% of which were from the United States. Here, we will examine the circumstances surrounding the current wave of Americans seeking employment opportunities in China.

Americans Finding Opportunities in China


China, particularly Beijing and Shanghai, is rapidly growing in popularity as the new land of opportunities for Americans, more so the fresh American college graduates who have been unlucky to find jobs at home. Even those individuals with limited knowledge of Chinese do not remain behind. They are primarily attracted by:

  • The China’s Surging Economy
  • Relatively Lower Cost of Living
  • New Culture and Experiences

Additionally, the country’s dramatic and transformative role in the global economy has seen many American undergraduates forfeit their summer holiday leisure for internship opportunities in the China’s major cities like Shanghai and Beijing. This is with the primary goal of gaining valuable international work experience, which will help them get a job.

What are The Common Opportunities for Expats in China?

Thanks to the economic boom, the opportunities for foreigner seeking to work in China have significantly increased in the recent years. Teaching English is among the leading job areas for Americans in China. Nonetheless, there is an increasing demand for foreign workers with expertise in sales, management, and engineering, among others.

While foreign-invested corporations offer most of the jobs, there are an increasing number of Chinese firms hiring Americans, even among the government-owned entities. Some of the most attractive job prospects are in the fields of:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Some individuals try their hands in freelancing or self-employment. While it is difficult to obtain a visa without an employer in China, they get around this obstacle by either getting to China as students first or taking up a job that will get their work status approved. They then will then change their visa status once they are in China. 

Tips To Help You Pursue Work Opportunities in China

Be Open-Minded

With today’s global economic situation, it imperative that you broaden your career pursuit perspectives in terms of potential earnings, commercial areas of growth, as well as related standards of living.

Conduct Intensive Research

Research as much as you can on the conditions and economic drivers of the country, and then pursue opportunities in the growth areas, or in areas that you can directly apply your knowledge.

Evaluate What You Have to Offer

Given the varied economic needs of each country, there may be fewer opportunities for individuals who come from other countries in search of job opportunities. Therefore, it is important to assess how your skill set will give you a competitive advantage.

Besides the enthusiasm of working in one the world’s fastest-growing economies, many Americans are also attracted to China by the personal desire to experience an entirely different culture. For those seeking opportunities, international jobs for Americans are available from a variety of different employers. What are you waiting for? In China, there is a prospect for a whole new future. It’s up to you to make that first step.

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