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How Anyone Can Save on a Luxury Vacation

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Millennials are spending less on things and paying more for experiences. Luxury travel has roared back as a status symbol in a world awash with things, because it shows that one has both the money and time to indulge in it. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to take a luxury trip. Let’s learn how anyone can save on a luxury vacation.

Find Destinations Closer to Home to Save on Travel

Look for destinations that are similar to what you are dreaming of but don’t require international airfare. Instead of going to Asia to see rain forests, visit the tropical national parks of Hawaii or temperate rain forests on Vancouver Island. Instead of going overseas, stay closer to home. For example, Chateau Beauvallon allows you to see Quebec City, a piece of French history located in Canada, at a fraction of the price of travelling to France. Toronto offers a multicultural urban vibe similar to New York City but with less competition with other tourists.

Travel in the Off Season

We’re not talking about traveling to Alaska in the winter or Arizona in the summer to save, because no one wants to be there at that time of year. Instead, consider traveling somewhat off season when you aren’t competing with the crush of tourists. For example, visit the coast in the late spring or early fall instead of competing with those visiting during the summer. Don’t visit a city when the students on Spring Break descend.

Research Travel Packages

Package tours are the safest bet if traveling to an exotic destination, since you don’t have to try to negotiate hotels or arrange travel in a foreign location where few may speak your language. Package tours are ideal if you’re visiting places far off the beaten path and it is otherwise challenging to book everything you need for the trip to go smoothly.

Don’t take the first travel package you are offered, though, since it may be the most popular and most crowded. Ask the travel agent if there are options that suit your interests more, whether a family friendly hotel or resort closer to the types of activities you enjoy. For example, the cheapest package may leave you in a hotel right off the golf course when you want to go horseback riding or fishing. Ask about excursions you can take on your own or with small groups instead of the large tour groups.

Ask About Discounts

Yes, you can ask for discounts when taking luxury vacations. Find out if you can use credit card points for amenities or discounts when staying at luxury hotels. Mention any hotel or airline loyalty programs you are a member of to see if you can save money that way. While you may not save 10% on your room because you own a specific credit card or have earned so many travel program points, it could reward you with a free service in the spa, freebies like free airport transfers, an upgraded suite or discounts on a rental car.

Choose Your Activities

You’ll be surprised how many free activities are available to tourists, whether museums, parks, festivals or art shows. The more your research, the more free activities you could find. For example, with a little knowledge, you could find out when there are free nights at the museum or multiple small free museums in the area you could visit instead of spending several days at the most famous museum. You could find affordable kayaking, surfing, swimming or beachside activities instead of the parasailing and deep sea fishing excursions.


Find destinations that allow you to experience what you want to experience without having to fly overseas to save the most on luxury travel. Travel when you aren’t competing with everyone else to save on airfare and your hotel stay. Research travel packages to save time and money on travel, but make sure you select one that fits your interests and budget. Ask about discounts and loyalty programs. Research free and low cost activities at the destination, and don’t assume that the best choice is the most popular one.

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