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Apprenticeship courses – essential information

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People take up apprenticeships for all sorts of reasons. With the cost of a university education now spiralling, many have to re-think about how they will progress in their chosen field.

Those who cannot afford to take three years out of employment to study with rent and bills to pay prefer earning whilst they learn.

Some just can’t wait to get started and experience the realities of a position in their chosen field.

Whatever your motivation, being an apprentice has lots of benefits and you can explore these benefits with apprenticeship programmes with West Suffolk College.

What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is a professional role that allows you to train and pick up qualifications whilst earning. Taking between one and four years to complete, apprentice roles are available in a wide range of industries including finance, veterinary care, accountancy and engineering. An apprentice must demonstrate competency in technical skills specific to the role to progress.

Am I eligible to become an apprentice?

If you are over 16, live in England and are not in full-time education you are free to undertake an apprenticeship.

What qualifications do I need to become an apprentice?

Depending on your chosen field, the requirements for undertaking an apprenticeship vary. As with any job, employers are looking for responsible individuals who are motivated, committed and happy to work as part of a team. 

What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

Whilst there are many benefits to being an apprentice, one of the best is that from day one you will be treated as an employee. Unlike internships or work experience, even whilst training you will be paid along with your peers, ensuring you will be treated as an equal. In addition to this, you will enjoy all the benefits of being a legal employee with paid holidays included as standard.

Another benefit is that you can gain essential qualifications as you work. For many, this proves an excellent “active” way to learn, which can be much more stimulating than sitting in a classroom surrounded by books.

One of the most powerful incentives to work as an apprentice is the opportunity to progress within your career. Whether you want to study further or are simply seeking promotion within your field, apprentices often have excellent progression opportunities and generally have better long-term salary aspects over the course of their career than other professionals.

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