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10 new professions appeared in the last year

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As a very loud disclaimer, just let it be known that just because these jobs exist does not mean they are of value to our community or that they will last. If a person runs around saying he scrubs people’s auras for $600 per session, it does not mean he or she is adding to our society in any way other than removing money from fools. Some of these jobs may become common, and the rest will probably disappear in the same way that “change engineers” and “staff firelighter trainers” have disappeared.

1 – Octogenarian Service Providers

People have carers as they get older, but there are people in their eighties that can do almost anything, an octogenarian service provider simply fills in the gaps without being a carer. I may be anything from vacuuming the stairs to driving them to the shopping centre. It is cheaper than a carer whilst allowing senior citizens to keep their independence for longer.

2 – 3D print engineers and repair specialists

Now that 3D printing is becoming more common, so are the repair people and the engineers. It is just the same as the people who come around to fix your paper printer except that it is for your 3D printer.

3 – Data Hostage Specialists

A cyber criminal trick is to gain access to a computer system and then blackmail the company behind it by threatening to delete the content of their servers or release their data onto the Internet. Many times a company will simply pay up and not even report it, but a data hostage specialist helps to lower the amount of damage and may sometimes be able to stop the hacker in his or her tracks.

4 – Social Education Specialists

The western world is now more cosmopolitan than ever with North America having a massive amount of Hispanic people and Britain having a massive amount of Pakistani people. A social education specialist tries to help both cultures merge so that there is less tension between the races.

5 – Privacy Managers

Savvy people know that identity theft has never been easier, especially when people have their secret question answers on Facebook such as the name of their first pet, their mother’s maiden name or their first school. A privacy manager will plug the holes in your personally privacy so that it is harder to steal your identity. This sort of thing has been going on for years within companies, but now people are offering the service to the general public.

6 – Urban Agriculturalists

This is a move forwards from the guerrilla gardeners concept. Guerrilla gardeners take small patches of derelict land in urban areas that does not belong to them and turns it into a garden by clearing it up and planting seeds. There are now people that offer to fix up your derelict land space with anything from flowers to vegetable patches and apple trees. There are some that offer services such as creating garden space that attracts insects or birds.

7 – Waste Data Space Managers

There are a lot of companies that have an excess of server space that they have bought but do not use. A waste data space manager will rent that bit of server space and sell it on for a profit. It is cheaper than going to a web host and bulk buying in order to sell off. The cost of renting the waste server space is low, so the reseller can make a better profit.

8 – Micro market testers

If you want to sell your home made jam online, then a micro market tester will run affiliate adverts and create some that work for your products so that you can start selling right away when you start affiliate advertising on your own.

9 – Time management engineers

These are the same people that used to call themselves “efficiency engineers”, “streamlining facilitators” and “time managers.” it’s a new job name for what is the same old consultancy thing that has existed for a long time. A consultant comes into your business and shows you how to manage your time more efficiently and how to get the most out of your staff. The job sounds like a new one, and it has its own new buzzwords and techniques, but essentially it is just a new name for the same old thing.

10 – App dismantlers

There are now lots of apps, and now and again an app is made that is pretty crappy, but that has one element in it that is innovative or useful. An app dismantler is used when the rights to the app are bought by another company. The app dismantler takes the app and snips out the good bits so that they can be added into another app.

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