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Are Software Engineering and Computer Engineering Different?

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Computer engineers work on the physical hardware of computers, and they need to have a good knowledge of electrical engineering and computer sciences. Software engineers work on the coding language and programs that make the computers work, and they need to understand computer languages among other things. The difference between the two is quite significant in terms of qualifications needed to follow a career path in either of them.

Software Engineers and Developers

There are subtle differences between a software engineer and software developer. Although they both work on software code, developers tend to handle the more creative side of the job. They will often work with graphic designers to produce exactly what the customer wants.  This will involve much of the coding, and it is one of the first things they have to learn. There are several computer languages to choose from but many of them opt for Python because it is so simple compared to some of the others. At Liberian Geek there is much information about this particular language and why it can be the best for people that are just starting to learn the software development job.

Software engineers work on the engineering concepts of software using many of the same skills as engineers in other trades, including mechanical and electrical engineering.

Computer Engineers and Developers

Computer engineers will have been trained in most areas of electrical engineering as the two have many of the same requirements. To build hardware from scratch, a computer engineer needs to understand all aspects of digital systems too, and as they are so highly specialized, the demand for them is growing all the time.

Computer Developers test and analyze computer hardware to ensure the components all do the job they are supposed to. They often work closely with both the computer engineer and the software developers and between them, they produce the end product the client requires.

The Progress of the Last 70 Years

When you are using your digital device,it is hard to imagine that the very first computer calculation of a simple math problem took nearly an hour. The computers were huge back in the 1940’s and the information for the task they needed to do was punched as holes in cards, which were then put into them. There is no comparison to the small computers that we call smartphones. They easily fit into your pocket and can deal with most digital things that are part of everyday life.

It was not until the 1970’s that personal computing started to become popular, but even then, the machines were far bigger and more cumbersome than they are now. It was really the invention of the Internet in the 1990’s that pushed technology forward and since then it has not stopped developing and producing new innovations. This is all down to the people that work in computer engineering, computer developing, software engineering and software developing, as without them,none of the digital devices and apps we take forgranted today would be around.

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