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Key Secrets To Growing Your Personal Training Business

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Becoming a personal trainer is a dream career for those who are passionate about fitness and want to help others make their health and fitness goals a reality. It’s a way to continue to focus on your own training goals while leading others towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. This rewarding career path is certainly an appealing one, so it’s no surprise that it’s also become increasingly competitive. If you want to get an edge over the competition and make your job a legitimately lucrative business, you’ll need to utilise these keys to success.

Upskill yourself.

There are plenty of personal trainers out there with the basic qualifications necessary to help others plan out training schedules and meet their fitness goals, but there are fewer with a higher set of qualifications that allow them to extend the type of services they offer to their clients. If you upskill yourself with new certifications like a trx suspension training qualification, you’ll have a new tool in your kit that you can bring to the table when marketing yourself. Continuing to learn and grow in your expertise can only help you when it comes to succeeding on a personal and professional level.

Get online.

Many of the most successsful trainers working today got that way through growing a large and dedicated following on social media. This strategy can take time and patience, and a little guidance from a digital marketing expert will help you make it happen, but it is possible to go it alone if with some research and a decent set of social media skills. Check out what other successful trainers with large numbers of followers are doing online as a form of market research. Make videos of your training programs to post online, offer Youtube tutorials, and show off your own results to potential new clients on social media to attract new business. Once you’ve accrued a following, you can start offering online distance coaching to clients who want what you have.

Partner with a food expert.

Personal trainers can offer guidance on diet planning, but if you’re not fully qualified to do so it will improve your professional image if you can team up with a qualified dietitian or nutritionist to offer combined services to your clients. Many dietitian clients may be interested in personal training services, while plenty of your clients could benefit from the input of a nutrition expert.Consider putting out videos on social media together, answering Q&A’s online, and referring clients to each other to create a winning business team where both parties benefit from the partnership.

Tailor your services.

There are way too many personal trainers out there who offer cookie-cutter training programs that treat all of their clients as if they were the same person. Each client will come to you with their own individual needs and goals, so you can really set yourself apart from the crowd in your industry by ensuring that you offer a personalised service that takes each person’s goals and fitness capabilities into account. Remember that what works for you may not work for that specific client, so be willing to be flexible and work with each person as an individual so they can get the best possible results out of your educational services.

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