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Attack and Defence: The Two Common Approaches of Rummy Playing

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An avid player of rummy is always curious to know more about the game. Khelplay Rummy is one place for all avid rummy players. Today, we share some interesting aspects of rummy playing. We have explained how the strategies of attack and defence are used by rummy players to win their favourite card game. Read along and know more about your favourite card game:

Attack: The Attempt is To Win

The main goal of the player who uses attack as a strategy is to win the game. That is why he plans his move in the rummy card game just to win. There are many ways to avoid losing but just a few to win a game and he uses them. Here we have mentioned some of his special tricks and tactics.

Make Multiple Options for Completing Life

Till the life is complete, a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand. That is why a person who uses the attack strategy will first focus on completing life. For this, he will prepare multiple pairs of same sign cards in order of their values. Here again, he will be wise and choose pairs that offer more options for completing life. For example, he will avoid making pairs of cards like K and J of hearts because only the queen of hearts can complete this sequence. Instead, he may retain pairs of cards that are adjacent in the same sign like the K and Q of hearts. This sequence will be complete if the player gets an A of hearts or a J of hearts giving two unique options to complete life.

Make Good Use of Jokers

Just like there are trump cards in some games to act as your saviours, there are jokers in rummy card games. Apart from the jokers that exist in a deck, there are pulled-out jokers too that you may use to fill the gaps in artificial sequence or sets. The pulled out joker is a card randomly pulled-out of the deck to play the role of a joker.

A good use of joker would mean using it only when you need it and always keeping an eye on when they can be replaced with other cards so that the jokers maybe used elsewhere. A good player makes sure that the joker is used to minimise points once the life is formed.

Defence: The Attempt is to Avoid Losing

There are some players who are not very insistent on winning but they simply don’t want to lose. This strategy works pretty well in series games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. Here, a player is continuously working to avoid losing. Here are some methods we have listed out that he may use effectively.

Make Continuous Attempts to Reduce Points in Hand

In a series game, points are of extreme importance. That is why a good player of the defence strategy will always be trying to lose points. He may do this by getting rid of picture cards and high point cards. He may instead use low point cards to make sequences.

Find the Right Occasion to Quit

Unlike players with attack as a strategy, the defence strategy players are too scared to lose. They would prefer to quit the game rather than hold onto a wrong hand in hopes of winning. If they get a hand and feel the chances of winning are less, they wouldn’t hesitate to quit at the very beginning and lose the minimal points.

Even after they are half way through the game, if they feel the opponent may win the game, they may quit at that point. When you pass half way through the game, the points charged are double the initial sum.

Winning rummy not just requires skill but also patience. A good player knows this. He would never hesitate to watch rummy tutorials online to understand the different strategies that govern rummy card game. He may also download the Khelplay Rummy app on his mobile phone to help him practice the game using practice chips. Playing the game multiple times makes you more organised and also helps you understand some unique strategies.

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