Batman Arkham Knight holds secrets if you change the date *SPOILERS*

I cannot be clear enough. There are side mission spoilers ahead for Batman Arkham Knight. If you haven’t completed the mission on your dial involving the rearrangement of Batman’s name then leave now and know that when you put in the date of October 31st, something cool will happen.

Are they gone? Good. So if you’re like me and the GCPD is somewhat full and Gotham is free of red lights and militia then it’s time to change the date on your console or watch the video below and do it afterwards. Just like Arkham City’s Calendar Man antics, Rocksteady has hidden some nice date-related surprises. Looks like the good Doctor isn’t quite as well contained as we would like. Also, these jump scares get me every time. I threw my Dual Shock away the first time that happened.


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