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Bellhops: A brief introduction about bellhops mover

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Bellhops is a well-known company in the field of moving. This company gain popularity as they do not restrict themselves to full-time employees, they are always welcome college students or part-time job lookers. Bellhops will offer you a broad range of services to their customers. These services are related to moving, packing, lifting your luggage from one place to another, in and out of that city. They gain good quality of fame as they are expert in packing your luggage in a customized manner.

How do they work?

Bellhops are a customer loving firm which can only focus on the comfort of their customer only. They are also taking online booking and give them a specific time when they get their luggage back. On online booking is the thing, where one can easily book bellhops and place their order with all the required details like name place, date, time, address, the city from which place you want to transfer your luggage.

The bellhops are always looking for the number of bellhops you want for your work, and also you have to mention your number of hours for which you want their employees. Here, you also want to mention that what kind of vehicle you are looking for. For instance, if you have a large amount of luggage, then you can book truck, or if you have fewer items, then you can book small size of truck or van. But first, check that both the areas origin and destination are under their service areas. Then only, their labor or employees will assist you.

They are coming to your house and pack the entire luggage in a customized manner, and load it into the vehicle. Apart from all those things, they give full assurance of the safety of your goods. Among all these services they also provide you the facility of some other services like – logistics services, customs clearance, freight forwarding and many other services too.  In the list of their services, they also include some minor things also like kitchen appliances and utensils, furniture safely, wardrobe packing and many other.

Each move has two sections, one has the captain, and the rest one is the wingman. In this company, there is some limitation also attach to them like you have to book your order before at least 48 hours, the main date. But they are ready to take the order on short notice, also. In the short-term notice, they ask their customers about some flexibility in their time scheduling.

Now this company has their app, in which you can easily trace your goods and their location too. The customer will get the customized text from that app regarding their belongings. Even, the customer will receive both the confirmation email and text from company side. In it, they have some other options too like rating the app, company, services, overall experience, bellhop employees, feedback and much more.  After the complete process, the customer will get a receipt on their given email id.

History of bellhops

In 2011, they duo Stephen Vlahos and Cameron Doody would start Bellhops company. Aubum University’s in between their summer interns, in this campaign they targeted up to 30 to 40 moves, but they crossed approx 250 moves. Then, after this, the directors of bellhops would decide to hire college students to for such kind of task.

Benefits of bellhops

Bellhop is a service provider company. The best thing about them is, they give chances to college students also. They allow their customers to get the entire detail of their goods. They are also good in providing you the details about their belongings, scheduling, lifting’s, about the size of the vehicle and all the remaining things related to it.

Bellhops workers

They are famous for hiring college students who are looking for part-time work as well as an intern.

Bellhops services

Bellhops believe in the concept of moving from one place to another.  In this concept, one should be able to one city to another with the flexibility to keep their goods with them. The flexibility given to one person is the keep them from the stress of packing and unpacking of goods.

 They are good in customize packing, loading, moving, and safely keep their belongings and securely deliver to you. But before going to contact them directly, one can easily book online bellhops for their work. In this, one can easily estimate the cost of their move, and in few seconds book you order with them, or you can also book them on phone calls too.

You can also do this work from their customized app. Through this app, you can also track your goods and flexible to decide the size of the vehicle. On online booking, one can check the estimated cost of that move.

 If you place your order and pay your amount, then on your given e-mail id you will receive the receipt of your amount.

Here, you can also get the flexibility of choosing the number of workers; you need for your work. In this, you can get the assistance, in and out of the covered region of their work.

 You are free to contact them through emails too. Each employee of bellhops is highly friendly, and you can also check their background and previous feedback of their customers.

 Bellhops are always arriving on or before time. You can check the location of your goods with time. You can also customize your move with the flexibility of your time scheduling.

 After your booking your move, the customer will get a link, by clicking it you get approval email on the given email id. No need to go here and there, they also give you the option to pay either through their app or online banking.

Bellhops is a famous mover in the market which is known for their customized packing and loading. They also get fame by simply hiring college students as their employees. They are not known for packing, loading, moving services; along this they are also offering you some more services too.

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