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5 Great Apps That Will Help You Get to your Fitness Goals

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Have you made a new resolution to get or stay in shape? Well, you may need help along the way to achieve your fitness goals. While it is advisable to work out with a personal trainer or a workout partner, we may not all have that luxury. However, you can achieve your goals without a personal trainer or partner. There is a wide variety of apps on the market that can help you in your fitness journey. Here are a few of them.

1. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness has more than 600 fitness activities that you can try on your own. It helps you identify running routes and connects you to other athletes in your area. The workout app stores important data including your pace, calories, and the distance covered. This data helps you better assess your progress. If you subscribe to the premium version, you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate and access personalized training programs.

2. Fitted Lifts

If lifting weights is your thing, this app will make it easier for you to record your sets. The app has a database with a list of activities that you can use to create a workout routine. It also allows you to add new workouts to the list. The exercises are categorized-based on the target muscles. If you want to learn more about the best workouts for different muscles groups, you could visit a site like buildthemuscle.org. Add the missing workouts to the list of activities on your Fitted Lifts App.

3. Fitbit Coach

The app is your best partner if you’ve never been to a gym or worked with a personal trainer. It offers guided video workouts and playlists to go with the workouts as well. Fitbit Coach offers a step-by-step guide for different routines and gives you a variety of exercises to do. It functions as your personal digital coach that provides exercises that match your capability.

4. Keelo

Intense workouts allow you to burn more calories within a short time. You can start with simple exercises, but you need intense workouts to achieve meaningful results. Keelo is the perfect partner for these types of exercises. The app has different workouts for both beginners and experts that run from 7 to 20 minutes. The instructions for each exercise are simple and clear. You can access more features and workout routines by subscribing to the premium version.

5. Asics Studio

The Asics Studio app allows you to download countless workouts. The workouts include recorded training sessions from different trainers. Most of the activities on the app are strength training, but you can access cardio workouts as well.

Asics Studio gives you’re a corresponding playlist for each workout. If you are used to video workouts, it will take awhile before you get used to audio workouts. However, the audios keep you focused on the activities instead of checking your device all the time.


A limited budget is no good reason to stay unfit. Try out different workout apps with different routines on your phone. Some of the basic subscriptions to these apps are free. The videos and playlists will keep you motivated while the recorded data will help you monitor your progress.

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