Charming chalet split in half by French-Swiss border

IF YOU’VE ever wanted to be in two places at once, here’s your chance.

Arbez Hotel is a charming chalet that’s split in half by the French/Swiss border — meaning it has two addresses, two postcodes, and two nationalities.

While that must be a nightmare for paperwork, it’s an incredible tourist gimmick, because in some beds you can lie with your head in one country and your feet in another.

The two-star accommodation was built in 1862, right before France and Switzerland signed a treaty to modify their shared border. Originally, there was a bar on the French side and a shop in Switzerland, but it was turned into a hotel in 1921.

The family-run establishment has a colourful history, hosting everyone from refugees fleeing German soldiers in World War II, to modern-day cross-country skiers.

It’s located in the town of La Cure, about 45 minutes’ drive north of Geneva.


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