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How to Develop Interest in Studying Biology

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Biology is an important subject in every class, it doesn’t have to be a burden for one while studying. Biology is a subject which builds upon itself so it is recommended to learn each and every topic of biology. Scoring good marks in biology is not an easy task, but here we have listed some tips and strategies that will help you to score good marks and to develop an interest in studying biology. You may not have time to try all these strategies, but pick a few that you think may help and try those.

Develop a positive attitude: Biology can be a complicated subject, but if you develop a positive attitude towards biology, it will not be a burden for you, it will be fun and engaging.

Biology teaches us about ourselves, how our body is moving; How the brain sends signals to different parts of the body. These are all fascinating if you actually think about it.

Break the complex words:  In biology, you will discover lots of new words every time you study. These are Latin and Greek words which have one prefix and one postfix. Most of the words are easy to understand but some are complex. Knowing the meaning of these words will help to understand these concepts easily.

Use flashcards: Use flashcards to remember and to understand the meaning of these complex words like: metabolism, antibiotic, anabolism etc. One can carry them and study those anytime they want. Paste these flashcards near your study area or an area where it is easily visible. You can also flip through these words while going to school on a school bus or while coming back from school.

Study Area:  Make sure the study area has enough light so that each and every word written in the textbook or notebook is easily visible to you. If it is not, then ask your parents to shift your study table and chair to a place where there is sufficient amount of light.

Distraction Free: Your study table and chair should not be in a place of distraction like in front of a television or near a music system.

Draw Diagrams: Sketching a diagram of the topic is the best way to learn and understand the topic clearly. If you know how to draw a diagram of the topic then you can easily explain and write the concept in the exam paper.

Suppose you are studying about cells, after reading the topic from the textbook, you must know how to draw the image of that.

Take Notes: Always take notes whenever you are studying or reading as at the same time this not only helps to understand the topic but also helps to retain the concepts for a longer period of time

Follow the above strategies to develop interest towards the subject and to score good marks in the examination. For interesting videos related to biology you can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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