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Do I have to record my company?

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Ones who are starting companies in HK, they are required to record their company to the government.

The citizenship of the company proprietor isn’t restrained; the HK company certification method is titled ‘Company Registration,’ that’s in control of the Business Registration Office of Inland Revenue Department.

After an appeal, a ‘Company Registration Certificate’ is given for a company.

This ‘Company Registration Certificate’ is accepted as a guarantee of performing business in HK inside a said period. The document has to be presented in the area of interest so that the others can view it.

These listings are necessary for company proprietors. Anyone who does not petition for company filing will be chargeable of a misdemeanor, and then, will be accountable to a charge of HK$5,000 and arrest for one year, as stated by the Business Registration Ordinance.

Steps For A Company Registration In Hong Kong

Step 1: Pick the sort and title for the business

Settle the sort of business that suits your plans ideally;

The articles of association limit a business confined by shares – the obligation of partners to the cost that the partners individually owned.

The articles of association limit a business confined by shares – no shared resources and the obligation of partners to the cost that the partners individually offer to add to the assets of the firm if it’s being wound-up. Non-profit-making organizations are ordinarily listed as guarantee businesses.

Then, decide a title for the association. You can also refer to an article about guidelines on the registration of company names for HK businesses for the tips to see when picking a business title.

A company title that is identical to the one showing up in the list of company titles held by the registrar of companies will also be renounced.

 A business title that may violate the IPR of other party cannot be selected. Violation of the IPR of other companies will draw criminal penalties, either in HK or somewhere else. Research in the Trademark Register(http://ipsearch.ipd.gov.hk) supported by the Intellectual Property Department also has to be carried out.

Step 2: Send and appeal

Send the subsequent papers with the proper charges either electronically via the HK government ‘e-Registry’ or the ‘CR eFiling’ app or you can also send it in hard copy to the Shroff:

  • Filing form – Form NNC1 or the NNC1G.
  • A photocopy of the business’ items of agreement.
  • A Report to IRBR1.

Step 3: Get the required documents

If the request is authorized, download or collect the Certificate of Incorporation and also the Business Registration Certificate. The two documents may be given in hard copy way or even in electronic form; this depends on the method of giving the appeal. Certificates in the electronic form or hard print have the equivalent contractual impact.

  • A form sent in an electronic way

Electric Certificates for the companies confined by shares will typically be given inside an hour. Email information for the download of the two certificates may then be transmitted to the letterbox or even the listed email address of the user who sends the appeal.

  • A form sent in hard copy

Licenses for business confined by shares in hard copy will typically be sent inside four working days. The presenter will be informed by fax when the two certificates are ready to be obtained by him at any time. The two certificates need to be received in person at the Registry on presentation of the Notification Of Collection Of Certificate as well as the identification papers/business chop stated within. On the off chance that the presenter dispatches a delegate to receive the certificates, the agent he sends has to give composed permission given by the presenter as well as the license papers asked for by the agency in the composed authorization.

Step 4: Get the rest of the licenses

Visit the site of the Trade and Industry Department for info on additional licenses, certifications, grants, as well as the consents regarding the trading transactions and also the rest of the company-related works in the country HK.

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