Increase the Game Speed in Your PC & Monitor the Temp, with the Help of Smart Game Booster.

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Playing games is what we like, but let me tell you having many games on your PC can also makes it slow. So, you need something to boost up your PC. You need the right kind of tool which will help you clean your PC and also make it work faster. You must be thinking what is it that can help you do the same? Well, then it’s high time you switch to the new Smart Game Booster. You can boost your PC now with just one single click. You can also do the optimization of your PC in just a few seconds.

FPS Booster & 7 Solutions to Increase the FPS –

Smart game booster will enhance your FPS and display FPS in-game. You can easily monitor and increase FPS. If you want to increase the game FPS and also not change the graphics and other hardware devices, then you should link with FPS booster. There are 7 ways in which you can increase the game FPS. They are as follows –

  • Firstly, use a one-click FPS booster.
  • Then next to that you have to do is that whatever outdated graphics driver you have, kindly update it.
  • All you have to do is defragmentation of the disks also.
  • Apart from that, the fourth thing that you are supposed to do is set the power options.
  • Then disable the CPU core parking and the next is that windows performance settings.
  • Windows performance setting can give your PC a better performance to increase the game FPS and enhance the game speed.
  • Lastly, aptly over clock the CPU and the GPU. It is another way of increasing the game FPS. For seeing the detailed ways of over clocking you can refer to the site mentioned above. The actual condition of your hardware should be acquired first, as not all computers can be overclocked.

Temperature Monitor –

There are also ways in which you can monitor the accurate temperature of your CPU and GPU. For that, you can connect with GPU temp monitor. You must have definitely come across a situation where the PC, CPU, GPU, and the fans are overheating. And you must be thinking about how to cool it off. Here you can now check the monitor temperature with the help of GPU temp monitor. In both games as well as others you can now easily monitor the temperature. You can check the optimal temperature of the CPU and GPU while playing games also.

Optimal Temperature – 

From 75-80 Celsius should be the average temperature of the CPU while you are playing games. And the optimal temperature should not exceed 80 Celsius. There are GPUs which differ in every PC and have many different types of cooling solutions. So, the average temperature range may vary differently. The general temperature of the GPU is calculated around 95 Celsius. But the optimal temperature should be lower than 85 Celsius, even when they are loaded heavily. Now, you can easily monitor all of these including the game speed, temperature and other with the help of Smart Game Booster. So, switch to it now, hurry!

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