GoPro unveils Omni, its new virtual reality rig

GoPro unveils Omni, its new virtual reality rig

GoPro has unveiled its new virtual reality rig called the Omni. The device resembles a hollowed out cube with six GoPro Hero4 cameras, one for each side. The video from all six cameras are then stitched together to create a single 360 degree video. The company hasn’t yet revealed the price of the device.

This isn’t the first VR camera rig to be unveiled by the company. GoPro has earlier unveiled the Odyssey that used 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras. The difference was that the Odyssey is able to capture stereoscopic 360 degree videos, while the Omni can only record monoscopic videos. Gopro is also working on a drone called the Karma, which is scheduled to be launched this year.

GoPro isn’t the only company to make 360 cameras. During the unveiling on theLG G5 in February, the company unveiled an accessory called the 360 cam that takes 360 degree videos with two 13MP wide angle cameras. Sony also showcased a 360 degree camera called the Xperia Eye during the launch of the Sony X series of phones. Nokia also has a 360 spherical camera called the Ozo, which was unveiled last year.


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