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Guide to different kinds of trade show signs and displays

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trade-signOne reason why it is beneficial to exhibit at a trade show is that you may appeal to a potential customer in the 8 seconds he will take to walk by your 10 foot booth. Most attendees usually strategise to look at each of the booths signage and display to assume an idea of their products and services by how appealing their signage really is. It is hence necessary that your signage conveys a certain sense of quality and professionalism. A great impression of the signage can take even an average product a long way. This impression can be made by the design and positioning of the graphic designs for the trade show booth. It is thus important to understand and prepare show signs according to the types of trade show signs and display systemsavailable in order to start budgeting and designing them in time.

Booth Backdrop / Background displays

Curved face pop up booths: These are elegant shaped boothed with its curved wave style front. They are easy to set on an expandable metal frame with magnetic graphic panels. The size can be decided from 4″X4″ going upwards of 8″X20″. However the standard size is normally 8″X9″ for a 10 foot booth.

Straight faced pop up booths: They are similar to curved face booths except they have a straight front face.

Straight Faced fabric pop up: These are similar to the straight faced pop up booth, just it uses a single large printed graphic panel instead of multiple magnetic ones. They are easy to set up and take down but the quality of print of graphics is not as vibrant as those of PVC panel pop up booth.

Floor standing banners

Retractable banners: These are tubular in shape when retracted in their aluminium or composite plastic case. One just need to pull up the spring of the loaded banned and hook it into an included pole to set it up and later unhook to retract. These are most common in trade shows due to their simplicity and portability besides the ease of use. The most common size is 3″X7″

X stand banners: These banners are a PVC printed graphic banner  with grommetshooked onto a light metal X shaped frame to form a floor standing banners. These too are portable and durable and better X stands provide for wind resistance. A benefit of X stands over retractable banner is that it is easy to exchange graphics using the same X frame with different PVC banners.

L stand Banners: These are again compact and easy to set and are made of either plastic or aluminium. They are a simple L shaped stand that hold up graphic banners.  Their benefit is that they provide for a streamlined look when put together in a row to form a backdrop.

Graphic Tables and Podiums

Promotional Tables: These table are used to promote products and brochures and are easy to assemble. They include a wrap around plastic graphic panel along with a top sign that increases visibility. The tables have also a shelf on the inside that helps store products.

Podiums: They are simple and compact with a graphic wraparound having the company’s logo . This is one of the best way to place brochures in easy public access.

Other Banners and Signs

Vinyl Banners: These full colour graphic banners are attractive and come in a variety of sizes. Grommets or Velcro can be added to help attach anywhere. They are durable as well as portable.

Foam Board Prints: These are custom printed foam board that are mount over metal or cardboard stands or on table tops to grab attention.

PP and PVC Banners: These are clearest and most vibrant graphic banner but only for indoors use. They are less durable than outdoor vinyl banners.

Teardrop Flags: These are teardrop shaped pop up flags which are made from printed fabric and they make for great eye catching props. The company logo or other graphic may be printed on the flags.

It is increasingly important to understand the types of trade show display in order to plan best of how to use one’s booth to gain maximum attention of potential customers. So now that you know, what delays your preparation?

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