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Horror movies you should see over the holidays

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After days and even weeks of nonstop holiday preparations and festivities, what you need is a break from all that joy and goodwill. What would be better than a Christmas-themed horror movie with great audio from Bose to scream away your stress? Here are three of the best Christmas horror stories to make you glad you’ve been nice all year.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Since outsourcing is the name of the game, it is just fitting that we start off with this film about an evil Santa in the Korvatunturi Mountains of Finland. Instead of jolly and nice, this Santa is brooding and nasty. Then again, you probably would be too if you had been buried alive for thousands of years! This Santa has elves that kidnap naughty kids for him instead of churning out toys, and he kills off the reindeers, too.


Released just before the end of 2015, this movie is about Krampus, a supernatural being of German origins with which parents scared their naughty kids. Krampus does not leave lumps of coal for these kids, oh, no. The horned and hoofed creature takes them away on December 5 so that Santa only has to deal with the nice kids come Christmas eve. It also stalks adults who Scrooge their way through Christmas. The movie starts out funny, but it gets quite scary in a hurry. There is also clown with sharp teeth playing second fiddle to cap it off.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

A bad Santa is a recurring theme in many Christmas horror movies, maybe because he has peculiar habits. The Santa in this movie is not a real Santa, but he is peculiar. He kills people in a Santa suit because someone murdered his folks and he was abused in the orphanage. It is likely that he has good reason for his bad mood. Is it scary? It has four sequels and a remake. What do you think?

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