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How To Improve Study Habits?

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Ever wondered why you have difficulty learning from a particular teacher, whereas your other friends seem to understand things in just the right way? Did you ever question why the subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology that your friend said was so easy, but turned into a struggle for you? Do you notice that you and your friends have different opinions on whether or not to have your mp3 player on while you’re studying?

The reason behind some of these discrepancies may be differences in learning styles!

The following tips are suggested to help you get into the study habit and create your own learning style:

Read out loud and repeat: Highlight key concepts as you read. Then read the highlighted material aloud. To repeat the information aloud several times, memorize facts.

Review and record: To boost retention, record lectures. Then review it at home. If you take written notes, read them into a recorder and play them back. You can also record, listen and read textbook chapters.

Discuss: Explain new concepts to a family member or study partner. Retell the main points of the selection in your own words.

Study where the action isn’t: Singular studies can often be a lonely business. Sometimes it takes a lot of willpower to shut out the rest of the world. But you must be able to do in order to create an atmosphere that allows you to concentrate.

Plan to Reward yourself: Most people will concentrate better and study harder if they have some kind of a quick reward. Give yourself something pleasant to do after you have done some productive homework not before.

Shift quickly into study gear: Once you have arrived at your place of study, and have all of your study materials ready, say to yourself, “Whatever I need to learn during this time, I’m going to learn–and fast!” In other words, shift into the right mindset and get ready to concentrate before you start studying. Studying with a half-hearted attitude will only waste precious time and effort.

Once your mind is geared up for studying, keep it there. Be careful not to read so fast that you miss the meaning of the material. Watch out for daydreaming and distractions. If you feel like you are getting distracted, try one of the following:

  1. Take a short walk and get some air.
  2. Do some quick exercises.
  3. Sit in a different place or position.
  4. Get something to eat or drink

Whatever strategy you choose, get back into study mode quickly before your forward momentum is broken.

Students can easily work out these methods through tablet learning programmers offered by Ed – Tech companies like Byju’s – The Learning App, understand complex topics related to Maths like Calculus or any other subject.  Students can use online calculators to make their calculations easy and instant. They can also go through all the important online formulas under one roof which stops them from turning pages of books for every formula.

Take Down Notes

The process of making study notes is actually a form of studying. It helps you concentrate on what you are learning and improves your understanding, as putting information in your own words and making links between new knowledge and what you already know helps you distinguish between important points and supporting details. It enables you to find out if you do really understand the content and it forces you to think about the topic in its entirety. As you break the topic down into headings and subheadings, you then focus on different aspects in turn, and through making study notes develop a solid base of knowledge to build upon. Good note taking is one of the most important study skills students need to succeed in school.

Using the Library

Although electronic on-ramps to the information superhighway are expanding rapidly, the library remains an indispensable tool for the distance learner. If you haven’t used a library in a while, it’s time to get reacquainted. Learning to use a library effectively can pay big dividends later in terms of saving study time and improving the quality of your work. Many colleges and universities offer access to local residents outside of the academic community. Your local public library may even have many of the resources you will need.

These tips should be essential for students in improving their study habits for tough subjects like Maths, Physics and other subjects.

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