Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour S CNG compact sedan launching soon in India

Maruti Suzuki will soon launch a CNG variant of the Dzire Tour S. The Dzire Tour is a compact sedan meant for cab operators. It comes with a speed limiter and stripped down feature set. The car has already been homologated at the VRDE Ahmednagar, and will soon be in Maruti Suzuki showrooms.

It’ll use the 1.2 liter K-Series petrol engine that is tuned to run on CNG as well. In petrol mode, this engine will produce 83 Bhp of peak power and in CNG mode, it will make 74 Bhp. A 5 speed manual gearbox will be standard, along with a front wheel drive layout. Pricing of the Dzire Tour S CNG hasn’t been announced yet. Expect prices to be pegged in between 5.5-6 lakhs.

The Dzire Tour is a sub-4 meter compact sedan whose dimensions are the same as the second generation Dzire, which was discontinued from the family car market last year when Maruti introduced the all-new, 3rd generation model.

The Tour S will be able to seat 5 adults, and gets a 80 Kph speed limiter. The speed limiter is new feature that all taxi variants of cars need to have as per government regulations. While many cab drivers and even passengers complain about taxis being limited to 80 Kph, in the interest of their own safety, it’s good that the speed limiter remains.

The Dzire Tour S is also offered with a turbocharged diesel engine. This engine is the Fiat Multijet 1.3 liter unit that produces 74 Bhp of peak power and 190 Nm of peak torque. A 5 speed manual gearbox is standard with this engine. The diesel Dzire Tour is preferred by most cab operators due to the higher fuel efficiency of the diesel engine. However, in specific markets such as the NCR, the CNG powered Dzire Tour S has a good chance of selling well due to local regulations.


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